Humor on the West Side....The Almost $2 Billion Dollar Industry!

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The Not For Profit Industry of the West Side of Cleveland has annual earnings of almost $2 Billion Dollars....

All of which appear to be codependent on NEEDY PERSON QUOTAS that drive thier system! Wow, with 2 Billion dollars a year being invested into the West side, can someone please explain to me where it's all at??? I mean, even if we divided that number by 500,000 people-every person in the entire city could get about $3,597.18 per year or $299.77/month! 

We have an ineffective pro bono legal assistance community that refuses to help with the Tax Foreclosure industry on behalf of the families who cannot afford to save their homes which have been unfairly taxed and had their vaulations appraised fraudulently by none other than our county auditor to build a false tax base for the development schemes of the county commissioners-including the medical mart dreams.... and please wait for my east side outline which includes the EMPOWERMENT ZONE....and the Cleveland Clinic Foundation! 

Now we have thousands of low income families losing their homes to property tax foreclosure with no outlets for raising exhorbitant amounts to save their homes. The tax certificate purchasers are operating unscrupulously, violating consumer protection laws, fair debt collection practices, and basic tax certificate law. Meanwhile, the big folks snub their noses at the little people and live large at their quotafied existence to their big picture! 

Tax Exempt Industry Annual Income by Zip Code:

44144: $ 992,071,929

44113: $ 449,618,057

44102: $ 193,402,595

44109: $   77,532,830

44111: $   54,588,747

44135: $   31,376,263

Total: $ 1,798,590,421

Cleveland, West Side

 Let's start a GRASS ROOTS PHILANTRHOPIC ORGANIZATION that strictly helps stabilize families abused by the historical regimes that violated civil rights, constitutional rights, and the American Dreams of too many. Let's take donations and redistribute them the help the families save their homes!!!

Obviously the legal community of NEO has not cared about the losses of the little folks for all too long. They don't want to react to corrupt practices. They don't want to address collusive practices. They don't want to redress abusive social service organizations. They just want to keep on enjoying the good life that costs the poor endlessly! 

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Afford A Home Program: Low Income Downpayment Assistance

Afford A Home is yet Another City of Cleveland HUD FUNDED program under both FBI and HUD scrutiny for poor practices.  See today's PD Article in this link! 

The City of Cleveland Department of Development has enumerable issues with their practices including the "1" program above for Afford A Home. They are negligent, incompetent, and corrupt. They have had uncountable HUD COMPLAINTS filed against them, FBI Investigations lingering for years, and still they lack oversight and the insight to protect the rights of the people they were designed to assist with Billions of dollars in HUD Funds annually including our Community Development Block Grant Funds that are used throughout the City. Visit for more details on abusive practices with HUD Funding across the City of Cleveland! We already know that it's part of a $2 Billion Dollar West Side Not for Profit Industry.

Low Income Citizens are used as quotas to receive the funds, but a majority of the funding ends up in the hands of ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS to run the programs. As for AFFORD A HOME techniques... the demographic and mathematical mortgage analysis by any junior high graduate could have predicted the majority of these families falling flat on their faces with foreclosures because the unscrupulous factions that collusively worked towards earning their COMMISSIONS during those days were steadfast not worried about the futures of those families or their budgets.

Our money is steered out of our neighborhoods, used for purposes in direct violation of HUD FUNDING PRINCIPLES, and is again and again defunct of true public participation as required under HUD guidelines. The greedy top heavy administrators have learned to pay to play in this field and to use the demographics to their benefit. Most significantly, many of these mortgages had not adjusted the property tax costs or predicted the INFLATED COUNTY APPRAISALS that occured between 99-07 and the redlined homeowner's insurance rates which adversely affected uncountable families.

Great Job PD! At the end of the day, I am glad that this defunct area has been addressed and prayerfully HUD will remove direct funding from the City of Cleveland until it does a house cleaning similar to the New County Government.


A Cleveland Christmas Carol

Cleveland Magazine, the subconscience of the rich and oblivious in NEO, has finally stirred to acknowledge the true extent of mining the poor in NEO. 

Will it be in time to help the thousands of people affected? 

Will another family be kicked to the curb this holiday?

Issue Date: November 2010 Issue

After the Burglary

While Cleveland recoils from the Dimora-Russo charges, a deeper scandal emerges: skulking county employees blotting out home values with correction fluid.
Michael D. Roberts
editorial [at] clevelandmagazine [dot] com

On the First Day of Christmas Mayor Jackson Gave to me

On the First Day of Christmas Mayor Jackson Gave to me, a secret coal plant in my back yard.

On the second day of Christmas Mayor Jackson gave to me, two lead poisoned children and a secret coal plant in my back yard...

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And Obama stood on a stage in Cleveland and called our Mayor

And Obama stood on a stage in Cleveland and called our Mayor one of the finest mayors in the country. What an insult to all the other mayors in America, and what a LIE.

What a LIAR. What a FRAUD.

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