I never call the NSA....

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Tue, 06/11/2013 - 22:23.

 unless I forget my realneo pass word...

I got this joke from someone else....but it is on point..

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"Trust" your government, Mr. Obama suggests....

 President Obama presented a speach in San Jose in which he said that citizens need to trust their government employees with regard to Mr. Edward Snowden's revelation that citizen's on line activity is being monitored in a big way by the NSA.

How has "trust" in government in North East Ohio worked out?    How about "trust" in government in Detroit?

How about "trust" in government in Nazi era Germany?   How about "trust" in government in the USSR?

If our government has secret information on all its citizens, should we trust that the data base won't be hacked by another government or group?   

IMO, no government should have the data that the NSA is collecting.

Go Snowden Go!

 Mr. Obama has shown what happens when you spend your time in DC. 

The tax paid "security" folks get your ear, and very soon that is the end of constitutional "checks and balances".  

Instead it's "trust me".

"Trust me" wasn't included in the Constitution by those wise folks who wrote the document.

We all owe Mr. Snowden our gratitude for taking the risk that he has taken to inform us of our government's malfeasance.

I say GO SNOWDEN GO!    Let me know if I can help.