I'm exploring where to base ICEarth brightest greenest development in Ohio, going forward, and am Open to Suggestions

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 09/06/2010 - 15:15.

I'm exploring where to base ICEarth brightest greenest development in Ohio, going forward, and am open to suggestions. I already know I will co-locate in Austin, Texas, and in Colorado and California... but where shall we operate from in Ohio?

So long as our new community does not have a dominant Newhouse, Jones Day or Cleveland Foundation headlock on it, I will consider moving there.

Columbus? Toledo? Akron? A small Ohio town...? I like them all... and I love the state of Ohio. I believe we need to keep development going here, as I still believe - when this state gets its political and environmental priorities in line - this may become the brightest, greenest state of Earth.

But it won't happen in Cuyahoga County - not now. Priorities here are completely out-of-wack.... the local media is collusive... we all know the leaders here are corrupt and ineffective.

Wherever I go, I will be advancing my complete portfolio of initiatives, so I will go where the local community shows support for innovation with real entrepreneurship, open source technology and application development, social computing, cooperative community development, local agriculture, and advancing cannabis as a core component of the economy, to become transformational leaders for the state, nation and world. Support must be clearly demonstrated from the broad citizeny to the leaders of the city where we base, and its county.

I don't see any reason to keep any of my processes secret, and I am pursuing global awareness and support... and I actually believe in real open source economic development, no matter how poorly some people may treat the intellectual property of others. Here is where our planning stands now - I am actively working on project development in Texas, Colorado and California, and I was contacted by a realNEO reader in Akron who has started exploring local leadership interest there...I'll keep my contacts confidential, to protect them from interference from trolls:

Been following your blog on realneo for a while.  I sure wish you lived in Akron.  Your plan for East Cleveland is forward-thinking and if you get it going I'm moving north.  I'm writing you to tell you about a new company The Hemp Network.  Check it out at www.thehempnetwork.com.  You can pre-enroll during the soft launch at no cost.  You can use me as a referral.  I am very interested to hear what you think about it.
With Respect, X
Hi X,

Thanks for noticing and reaching out. Please feel free to join realNEO.... if you are a realNEO member you own a piece of the co-op, can vote and be on the board, etc., and add your thoughts. We are putting something very special together.... with the open source technology and the hemp industry developments... and it is all co-op owned and operated

Cuyahoga County is so corrupt and toxic we are moving - locking up our house in EC until we can shut down a coal plant in our neighborhood, and Mittal - we would be happy to base Ohio operations in Akron if you feel there may be support there... I like Akron.

Our primary objective is developing new industry that allows us to solve environmental problems around here... and most of Akron's environmental problems now blow your way from corrupt Cuyahoga County. Long story, but by corrupting the local EPA the County allows Mittal and others to cause irreparable human harm - the opposite of what we are pursuing.

I have the White House's attention to this matter - they know what I am developing and are not obstructing... I think they are ready to jump in - we now need a strong base of operations to move forward in Ohio. Cuyahoga County is broken.

How are things in Akron - people there ready for change? Would your mayor and council be likely to support what I propose...? If so, I'll move there - BigBang... ICEarth... realNEO... 7GEN... Star
Neighborhood Development... IntraCom and all... but I will need to hear and see Akron leadership support directly, and see the leaders there help pull a local action team together. With proper enlightened
political support, what I propose could be approved before the November elections (the way to proceed is emergency council legislation, which may change local laws... leverage home rule, just like Ann Arbor, Detroit, etc.), and Akron could have $10,000,000s invested there for this initiative in 2011... $100,000,000s in economic activity to follow.

We don't need money or pyramid marketing, but it is nice to see innovation surrounding the industry - there are plenty of people ready to invest in this industry... I have moneyed connections lined up all over the country, and some agricultural resources available that will allow our products to be organic and superior to any others in the world.

Let me know what you think about seriously doing this in Akron - the key question is whether there will be smart progressive leadership and good LOCAL SUPPORT IN AKRON.

I'm best reached by email - if you are interested, let me know and I will lay out the next steps.

Again, thanks for your outreach - look forward to your thoughts.

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From: X
To: A Councilman in Akron
Sent: Sat, September 4, 2010 4:31:06 PM

Councilman Z,

I'm a ward Y resident.  There is a future industry that would transform our city.  Please check out this link http://realneo.us/ICExchange  I've also included an email I received from Mr. Norm Roulet of East Cleveland.  The realneo link I provided outlines a forward-minded proposal that Akron would be transformed by.  Let me know what you think.

Sincerely, X
Dear X,
Thank you for starting the ball rolling there - I am very loyal and if we can start things working there we WILL make this work THERE.

Staying in Ohio makes things much easier and more efficient, so I prefer that... I'm already co-locating in Austin Texas but that is not for the brightest greenest initiative... I'm not planning to launch
that there.... Austin is for us to advance our work with environmentalism, open source technology and developing our overall cooperative.

So if Akron comes forward we will be in Austin and Akron.... very cool combination.

Let your councilman know Councilman Cummins in Cleveland is very supportive, but Cleveland is a mess... Cummins is aware of my problems with corruption here and would be willing to speak on our behalf to Akron leaders. My councilwoman in East Cleveland, and the mayor there, are too politically compromised to work with (they want to build another coal plant in my neighborhood), forcing us out. Cleveland is just as bad, en mass.... corruption it is a county-wide thing... Cummins is the only politician I know here with any good potential.

Nonetheless, through intelligent, proactive outreach to the world, we have support in this community (and worldwide) from many good REAL WORLD leaders.... there are just too many corrupt leaders in Cuyahoga to do anything positive here. I don't really expect that to change significantly within the next decade, without extreme force from the outside (which has been coming primarily from the FBI, to date... and going far too slow). I will continue to apply extreme force against corruption in Cuyahoga County wherever I go - doing that from Akron would work very well.

If you wonder if I'm serious, I was just checking out the U of A website to see how they will fit in - we need a community of support, and I like what I see at U of A. In fact, I can see them getting very
excited about developing the hemp industry there, for chemicals, biomass, etc... For example, U of A has the First Energy Advanced Energy Research Center, and First Energy needs biomass NOW (looking to wood sourcing, which is not nearly as renewable and Earth friendly as hemp).

If we can make the switch to Akron, we will be able to keep everything we are working on in Ohio, and turn this state around.

I hope you find good support there... I'll get dialog going on this move on realNEO... everyone is waiting for the next steps, and people will love the idea of working and living in Akron (we will attract people and investment wherever we go).

BTW - without really trying, realNEO has about 1,000,000 hits a year... lots of RSS readers... making realNEO one of the most active sites of any type in the region... The Social Network of the region...
yet we are actually very global.... regular hits from all major universities, all levels of government, foundations, industry, etc., from every country you can imagine. Growing that further in Akron is a very exciting opportunity no matter what... I have some very exciting things planned for the right home town.

I look forward to getting together with you on this... let me know what you see developing... spread the word.

Thank you again.



Councilman Cummins - note you are my reference

Councilman Cummins - note you are my reference - the only politician here I trust at all. Don't let realNEO down as we move forward for cause - you know the story here and I expect you to be honest and open in explaining that to others on the outside. Best.

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Inquiry on Facebook about relocation to Lakewood

I received an Inquiry on Facebook about relocation to Lakewood and thought I would share it here - as I said... Open to all Suggestions:

How does Lakewood stack up in the relocation puzzle?

Norm Roulet I love Lakewood and am meeting with Jim O'Brien from the Observer tomorrow and will see what he thinks... Lakewood could definitely take the lead at the city level... if your current mayor and council are supportive. If your mayor is supportive and becomes County Executive then Lakewood is ideal (other than still being too close to Mittal... but that we need to address anywhere within 100s of miles). Do you think Lakewood citizens would be supportive? - it would be like finding a gold mine there.

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My next step is to go meet with private investors

My next step is to go back out west later this week and meet with private investors I have lined up in other states where there is legal cannabis industry about investing in development of the industry here in Ohio - including the hemp industry, which we shall lead for the nation. When I get back, I need a place for them to invest their $10,000,000s... in Ohio.

I'll be back next week.

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