I'm Proud My Wife Has Been A Great Role Model To 10,000+ People Considering Childbirth

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sun, 02/14/2010 - 10:48.

It has been exciting to watch, over the past week, as this beautiful video clip of my beautiful wife Evelyn giving birth to our beautiful daughter Clara has been viewed by nearly 6,000 people on YouTube - a companion video clip of my wife in hypno-birth, water-birth labor has received nearly as much global attention... in a week. In a week, those two clips attracted around 10,000 unique viewers... about as many unique viewers as come to our REALNEO community, in a week. The value of sharing these videos on YouTube is obvious - that is a good distribution channel to teach people about childbirth. So is REALNEO.

realNEO homemovie 1 Women in HypnoBirth in Waterbirth Delivering Baby Happy - 469 views in a week - realNEO ambient 14 Women in Hypnobirth in Waterbirth Falling Asleep While Having her Baby - 487 views - representing a large percentage of our views on YouTube. REALNEO is a hugely valuable communications channel, and here I know I reached and interacted with our friends. On YouTube, I'm making new friends... feel free to join me there as well.

These clips will be seen by 100,000s of people, if not millions, over time - especially as they are just "clips" and I am putting the clips and other material together for a short documentary on hypno-birthing and water-birthing, which I shall promote and will be seen by 1,000,000s.

That is the power of everyday, ordinary people, and good technology, and the Internet.

That my wife would share herself and her private life so openly for the benefit of others considering childbirth is one reason I love her, and wish her a most joyous valentine's day... even if I didn't get her a card.

Sorry American Greetings - I try to buy local, but some things I just don't need to buy, and love is one of them.

The results of Hypno-birthing and water-birthing

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One who takes real NEO content seriously, in Switzerland

I was pleased to get the following email from a stranger from Switzerland, who saw my video of my wife giving birth on YouTube and is interested in trying her techniques - my advice follows, with a tip for mothers who try hypnobirthing... avoid fainting-hazards...:



How are you ? First of all, congratulations for the birth of your third child, hope you're both fine. I watched your video about hypnobirth and I'd love to have your opinion about that method which is pretty unknown in my country (Switzerland). I've already 2 children who were born naturally, without epidural nor medication (I just used homeopathy before and during the delivery) and I must admit that, during my second delivery, I was completely stressed and the pain was hard and intense the last 30 minutes. For my third child, I'd love to make new experiences, I already found a doula and she's practising hypnobirthing.

May I ask you how you lived that third birth and what's your opinion about hypnobirth ? How is the pain with that method ? Did you feel it very strongly or is it bearable ? Is it different of a natural birth without using that method ? Sorry for all those questions but I'm really interested about giving birth with hypnobirth and in water as well...

I wish you all the best and congratulations again !


Re: Hypnobirth

Thank you so much - the Roulet family has our roots in Switzerland.

I'm surprised hypnobirthing isn't popular there... smart thing to do.

I can recommend hypnobirth highly - I've been through six childbirths as a father so I've been on the helper end - the three hypnobirths were day and night

The waterbirth seemed to help as well - this was my wife's first experience with that and she was very pleased - she was able to get in a position that was much more open (face down on all fours), and the baby practically fell into the water... all the midwife had to do was catch.

My wife didn't feel the need to go to the hospital until nearly fully dilated (our insurance doesn't cover home birth) - the labor was a boring few hours of my wife drifting off to sleep, between contractions - 4-5 pushes and the delivery was over - I almost missed it. Not a drop of blood in the water.

And, my wife is tiny - she usually only weights around 110 lb, and the baby was 8 lb 13 oz.

My wife didn't seem to come out of the hypnosis for a few hours and when she did she blacked out and fell in the bathroom - so make sure you are aware this REALLY WORKS.

We went to a class, which probably wasn't necessary, and listened to a CD each night, which probably is a good idea - it is all about the women getting in the right state of mind and staying there through the childbirth.

Email back if you need more feedback and I'll connect you with my wife... or feel free to email her at evelyn [dot] kiefer [at] gmail [dot] com

Best regards,

Norm Roulet

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In past 7 months over 110,000 have watched Clara born

In past 7 months over 110,000 have watched Clara born - I'd say that shows healthy interest in hypnobirth.

From the stats on these videos,

Around 60% of viewers worldwide are female, of those most viewers are 25-34... followed by 35-44

In the older age brackets there are more men viewers than women.

In the Middle East, 67% of the viewers are male - and the Middle east represents about 6% of viewers.

USA is around 35% of viewers, so audience is very international... strong following in Asia, Europe, South America and Africa... where the audience is the youngest.

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