Industrial Rotary Mill in Cleveland

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sun, 05/01/2011 - 16:05.

helical rotary mill core on heavy haul tractor trailer


The rotary mill core with its helically aligned  hammers in the image above was on Woodland at E55 Thursday. The last material it had been used to grind appeared to be beige colored.
The heavy haul tractor was from Minneapolis. 
Any idea what the mill is typically used for and where it was coming from/going?
The outer shell for the hammer was on a second truck right behind this truck.





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that load sure looks like an accident waiting to happen


as those chains sure look weak compared to the tonage of the load, and not enough of them either IMO


she had parked her car to go for a bike ride, sure glad it was empty.

Diver still was cited for unsecure load, Betty

The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?

Safely securing loads for highway transport is science

I agree with you Savcash.


 Chain tie downs seemed inadequate/improperly rigged to me also.  
Proper chain tie downs should run diagonally from one side of the load to the opposite side of the load - like an X - not vertically as these chains are set. Vertical chains can allow load to shift sideways as chains just parallelogram. Also, there is no positive side shift blocking under the round steel mill rails.
I am not sure if the police stopped the two trucks, or if the hauler hired the police to act as guide/flag cars.   There were a few police cars on the scene.
Your crushed car image looks like the base of a chimney which went wild…
Best, Jeffb