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"Making Change:Creating New Networks for our New Economy"

Sponsored by the SBC Foundation

Open networks will propel our regional economy to the next level. Join us to learn about this

cutting edge approach to economic development.

Work with us as we define our opportunities in three key areas:

Creative arts & industries, Sustainable business development and Inner city competitiveness.

Connect with our new Universities Collaborative, and find out what’s really happening in Northeast Ohio.

Get behind the headlines and meet the people transforming our economy.

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Quick Facts

Date: Monday, November 15, 2004

Time: 7:30 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.


Center for Regional Economic Issues (REI)

Case/Weatherhead School of Management

11119 Bellflower Road

Cleveland, OH 44106-7235


Ritz-Carlton Cleveland

1515 West Third Street

Cleveland, OH 44113


Map and Info:

Fee: $25.00 per person



Metropolitan regions that compete successfully for jobs and
educated, creative people in the 21st century will be those that build
active networks among the people and organizations with the power to
stimulate economic growth.

Last year the Center for Regional Economic Issues (REI) at Case
Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management launched
an initiative to build networks in Northeast Ohio through its “Making
Change� series.

Today’s conference, jointly sponsored with the SBC Foundation,
looks at three topics crucial to regional economic development: “The
Value of Creative Industries,� “Sustainable Business Practices� and
“Inner City Prosperity.� This is the third conference since REI began
the initiative a year ago.

“We are making great progress in developing civic
entrepreneurship networks throughout the region,� said Ed Morrison,
executive director of REI. “It’s been very exciting to see the various
organizations and individuals in the area begin to make connections
among one another, and harness their knowledge and expertise for use in
fostering economic development.� This conference includes a seminar on
open-source economic development, a concept pioneered at REI which
focuses on inclusion and networking as building blocks for regional
economic development.

The focus on building networks is part of a broader roadmap REI
has developed to help metropolitan areas move from traditional
manufacturing economies to an “innovation economy.� The map calls for a
series of initiatives including strengthening intra-regional dialogue
and extending it to include all aspects of the community; building a
region’s brainpower by developing and attracting highly educated
individuals’ connecting networks of innovators and entrepreneurs;
building quality places with connected neighborhoods, vibrant mixed-use
districts and a healthy environment; and creating a compelling brand
identity for the region.

The “regional roadmap� REI has developed for northeast Ohio
encompasses 22 counties in the state, stretching from Ashtabula County
in the northeast to Crawford County in the southwest, as well as one
country in western Pennsylvania.

- Jeff Bendix


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