NOTES: 12:00 – 12:45 Panel Discussion - Moderator: Ed Morrison

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12:00 – 12:45 Panel Discussion - 45 minutes
Moderator: Ed Morrison


During lunch Ed Morrison led a panel discussion where he read to the panel questions/issued by the break-out groups for their feedback 


Panelists and affiliations (see full profiles here):

CONNIE ATKINS, Executive Director, Consortium of African American Organizations (CAAO)


DAN DAHL, Executive Director, EJ Thomas Hall and the Akron Civic Theatre

BILL DOTY, Doty & Miller Architects

ERNEST JOHNSON, Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority, Economic Development Administrator

DAVID MOSS, Creative Director, EDR Media

LAURA ORKIN, President, Beachwood Chamber of Commerce and Chief Operations Officer, Envision Radio Networks, Inc.

EILEEN PARMELEE, Principal, Chagrin Falls Middle School

JASON J. THERRIEN, President, Thunder-Tech

Q. How to develop sustainable economics for urban/inner city areas

  • Block grants - support Community Development Corporations - all levels of education
  • Build a curriculum for the CDCs - help them each and to work together
  • Grow Green Food - grow local (food travels 1,500 miles to table)

Q. How to get all people to realize they are creative and get them involved in "Creative enterprise"

  • Take mystique away from creative process - get people out of their box - teach process of innovation (Cencula - is working on redesign of extended learning for CIA - that will help)
  • Let people take risks outside usual models and job functions - make work creative process
  • Need creatives and non-creatives to synergize - cross pollenate - REI brought in creatives from CIA and it has energized the look and feel there (has it made a difference beyond?)
  • Redesign "box" - minimum fear of failure - no bad ideas (supportive environment)
  • Give creative projects - outcome oriented

Q. How do you nurture an environment for lifelong learning

  • Promote school-to-work programs at early age - get student involved in internships
  • Need to invest in education at the societal level - great concern this is underfunded by the region - especially in the urban areas
  • Detroit Superior kids are learning about green schools

Q. How do you include Inner City kids and adults in the Economic Development dialogue?

  • Networking - take it to the communities
  • CDCs, churches, African American professional groups

Q. How to change image of NEO to reflect positive?

  • Unified voice (TeamNEO model)
  • Communicate it is more than just Cleveland - build regional voice and synergy
  • Publicize nationally and globally - at community and individual company/cluster/success levels
  • CAAO Website has attracted outside attntion and led some people to move here - use the Internet
  • Marketing 101

Q. How do we tell the positive story better - spread word to improve regional economy?

  • Make the message about people - entrepreneurs, success stories - humanize
  • Work grass-roots - get the local mindset right - kill the spirit snipers
  • Don't only look forward - look back
  • Get mainstream media to do a better job showing successes and use other media better - e.g. Internet

Q. How do we market our clusters better?

  • Universities

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