NOTES: 8:15-8:30 Welcome and target outcomes for the meeting

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 11/15/2004 - 00:29.

8:15-8:30 Welcome and target outcomes for the meeting - 15 minutes

Ed Morrison welcomes the attendees, talks briefly about the history of Making
Change and describes the outcomes for the meeting.

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Today we're talking about making change - idea Richard Shatten came up with
which Ed embraced. We've taken the challenge - a year ago - to create a
sustainable economy for anyone willing to embrace that - and we will behave
toward each other in a way that will create trust - that is a competitive
advantage - trust, collaboration and mutual trust. Regions that embrace that
will move forward better and faster.

Created university collaboration - working with NOCHE - creating ED
collaboration of 6 universities dedicated to regional ED - all playing a
part... and extending beyond these six to other universities

Build open and collaborative networks to build brainpower, converting into wealth
through entrepreneurship network,. To scale this up and forward, use
appreciative inquiry, and deliberative discussions - learned through Kent State
during Deliberation Day, for McNeil Lehrer news hour.

How to build innovative networks - smart places and entrepreneurship -
Nortech - universities - working on how to do that in E. Cleveland - working
around campuses to developing innovation zones around them... LCCC is a
developing example.

Workforce - looking at in a more systemic way - exploring new approaches -
workforce development group.

How to expand our networks - mentions REALNEO - powerful platform -
launching and announcing it today - moving from hierarchical organizations to
collaborative networks of knowing and trust.

Civic space has traditionally been organizations removed from each other -
need to move to networked organizations.

Today we're working on these challenges -

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