jerleen i never attacked or said stated any thing bad about you - why attack me

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jerleen i never attacked or said stated any thing bad about you - why attack me

you have your opinion about sam and many of us in tremont have another opinion about sam-

i never said any thing  about your opinion - just because i post something you don't like why attack me personaly-

i'm not your enemy - i have always supported you - on realneo over the phone or in person - you sound like the very same folks that your aganist-

get your facts correct -

joe cimperman council was outraged when he read my latest expose of 757 brayton the crime family next door thats attempting to murder me and others-which was posted on realneo-

also at the same time joe and others got an email that the city paint program didn't want to paint my home as a senior because it was to big (you should investigate why many seniors aren't being helped by the dept. of aging)

so again joe contacted twdc and sammy is the main man for getting things done weather you agree with him or not - and i have gone public as you well know and was the main force for years with henry and others and you and others have picked up the ball and have helped to correct some injustices-

i have never attacked any one personally - unless they attack me with false stuff -i have stated the facts as i experience - i stated all the employees of twdc are wonderfull- its not  bad people its the system-

i have always told folks i like sammy chriss and everyone at twdc and  - they all do  great things - but need to do more great things for the disadvantaged-

back to joe and sammy twdc - so sammy calls me and says guy we have are difference but i need to talk to you about the criminal gang at 757 brayton and the city not painting your home  and as joe  has requested - now sammy is outraged that this is happening to me and i state to sammy i have always liked you personally and sammy says sorry i just don't like my name out there and that is why i don't like getting emails etc. - so sammy says to make sure you home is painted so no building inspectors get you - twdc and free paint  program will coordinate the federal program from merrick house of the summer youth employment program that pays youth minimum wage ( i called it slave wages) but its better than nothing-

so julie the social worker from merrick house contacts me and comes to my home and she tells me about the said program and i agree and sign documents -

so jerleen - you  give the false impression that i'm bought and paid for by sammy and twdc and what you don't state is i called you and henry a few weeks ago and told you this and i said i have had a chance to talk with sammy which i have never done before and i have seen him in action and have the greatest respect for him and like him even better - and you jerleen said "get what you can from them" "and they are being pressured to help poor people more by joe cimperman"-

so rocky and other supervisors and youth and julie from merrick house come and paint my home and clean my yard for about one week-

also my car was broke and sammy nephew is working for twdc as a volunteer from college and sammy has mike drive me to pick up the free paint program from sherwin williams which twdc over sees - not sammy again as you attempt to give a false impression that sammy is handeling the whole thing -

 you must take all this community politics very personnaly to even attack me-

i have told you many times its a game the rich aganist the poor and if you take it personally ones starts hating and thats what they want-always treat your preceived adversary as if one day they will be your friend

look some folks used your criminal record aganist you - but what did you do - you made lemon aid with honey from lemons - you started a new group which has more clout than if you were with twdc block club-

i have witnessed sammy on the phone gettings things to gether making things happen for poor folks and buisness folks-

i see dbra posted no real criminal record - one has to go to the docket-thats a court saying about what dbra posted-

look i know the deep deep cover game that goes on in tremont and life our good buddie kent  minchel attorney a past fbi - irs and represented sam and thats how he got  what he got- sam is an army veteran and works with ins and other law enforcement with the bridge of kent and others - every one is investigated and they divide and conquer or attempt-i was told even you were involved in some ruses target at me- so i still  keep stating your doing a good job

i was an advocate for sam for his beer wine permitt at browns  which joe c. was against and kent represented sam and i went to a hearing for sam and he promised to be proactive aganist crime and he was  -me and sam videoed the drug dealers for about 3- 4 years and the second district fresh start squad as they were called made a lot of busts - i found video of some busts i thought i lost -  i will post - sam got robbed beat up and started to carry a gun that he should have long before - then he started selling drug parphinalia and smoking marijuana etc. and i was told and the police was told he was selling drugs as an under cover c.i and at the same time making money for him self and some local drug dealers criminals that would  do all the crime that has happen in tremont and other places- so i started to speak out against sam - and joe c. was correct -

you know the games your brother spent 23 years for shooting a man in the face and your great sister for prostition etc. and you with the check a non violent white collar crime that if you a good lawyer would have been dismissed-

'society sets up the crime and the citizen commits the crime" chinese proverb-

most things are a set up -

ask the two cleveland police officers how sam attempted to hurt them-that s a city criminal record thats not on line  with some others-

this is how they attempted to destroy - agent provakateers - they'll even use you jerleen to attack me for posting a deep cover criminal family that is in tremont doing crime with the socalled protection of high law enforcement military untill they get caught and then the plea deals-

many folks got riped off and charged a lot of money for car repairs at sams - so sam helps you - does that mean he helps every body or at times does he helps him self to others money like suttons -

sam and gillota met with sammy for a few hours because the city inspectors went to every gargage in tremont cleveland to obey the law ordinances to protect kids and adults from garages that use dangerous stuff - they  said they would comply with the law sammy tried to work with them than they said they won't comply - and now we have you attack me me and twdc - like its my fault or theirs-

i'm 67 jerleen i have been were you are now in your activist about 20 years ago - i have been a great hero activist for about 45 years - you got some power now use it with care - get your facts correct - or you look mean spirited rather than spiritual - although how dare i say that - your a goddess female that has been oppressed by the male system and now you can fight back - i'm a male - you can attack me - but i didn't do any thing to you-

one more point - some middle eastern folks came to america 60 70 80's and started buying all the inner city grocery stores from the  orientals - a lot if not most where are secret service agents trained military etc. - they sold out dated spoiled food untill they got caught and they sold good food they had a billions of dollars food stamp fraud thing going for years - you read about many times - sams family was one of them- the american is a infidel to most - if sam is helping tremont folks more good for him and you - if you jerleen was one of the many females that they conned that we went to bat for to get their money back etc. - you would think different-

one more point most of the great hero stuff that i have done on be have of the disadvantaged humans and other species and my self for the last 45 years or so - plus i have always been very helpfull when i was younger - and my military service and my tremont service - is has been documented - hundreds of times letters -video - television shows - radio- newpapers etc.- and i started the over haul of twdc via my being a canidate for a not corrupt election and you and others again picked up the ball-

jerleen i still get harressed life threaten etc. - the paint folks sammy merrick house twdc you -some folks on realneo wanted me not to post  and banned i was told to post once or twice a day - i was told roldo complained about my posting - yes the great roldo didn't want me to post because it took away from his posts - i was told -

that all went away - norm jeff susan laura  all that gives a lot of love jeff is great norm is very supportive all are great spirits but they come from another class of people - i'm from the lowest class - i don't know grammer so well-you think sammy and twdc etc like and love me like i like and love them - i don't think so - i may be wrong - i'm an adult wounded child like you jerleen you me and the low class specially with criminal records don't fit in unless - 'monkey see monkey do- flattery -imatation" one of my latest post-

you see jerleen your preception or you being compromised of me posting sam and familys criminal record caused you to attack me - because thats what some folks did to you - i didn't post your criminal records as you stated "was that you guy that posted my criminal records"

i have never been critcal of you-

i recall norm and roldo was critical of me when i posted tim russo criminal record the first time-

was i correct in posting tim russo criminal record-a s-he and others was attempting to shut down - i knew that

i have no criminal record because none of the many many many times that i was attempted to be set up - i was independent - the fbi has a report and i will post it - anyone can be set up in a criminal investiagtion and or targeted to  be set up if they have pre-dispession to criminal activity or they want one badly enough (like they wanted you out of the block club) the only two kinds of people that can't be set up in a ruse sting operation- is clinicaly paraniod or independent-

so jerleen eternal thanks for this opportunity to debate you as i don't answer back anyone that attacks me - i do this because you posted that sammy twdc etc should be given the benifit of the doubt because they are changing just like you - we all are - i should be given the benifit of the doubt that my only agenda was to expose the sam etc. taking in a criminal way advantage and they may be doing the same with respect to not conforming with the laws of a gas station that can explode and other dangers - so that tremont residents can be safe - thats my only agenda-

peace, yogi guy



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Guy, I do not believe I said


I do not believe I said anything bad about you and I'm not attacking you.  I only pointed out that everytime someone opposed TWDC, their past records gets posted all over the internet - like it or not. And you are wrong,  my brother spent 30 years in prison.    He was 18 years old - he is now 51, goes to work everyday, was self employ for the first two years - all of his family stepped up, my one brother who was a truck driver/semi mechanic, helped him by his tools an taught him to work on trucks - would be on the road and by cell phone give instructions on how to do the repair work.   He worked day and night to overcome 30 years of prison.  Nobody makes excuses or condones his actions, but I do believe the point here is that there are a lot of criminals in this neighborhood - most of which have never been caught.

You're not going to find anybody perfect but when people's actions hurt others , I don't go for that.  TWDC has made it's own bed and now they have to lie in it.  As far as Sammy changing, it was just a few weeks ago he was blasting Larry Cornett calling him a racist, a fascist and a trouble maker, in front of quite a few witnesses, just because Larry was trying to get some outdoor recreational facilities/pocket parks in this community.  Everybody slams me for "bashing TWDC" what about the bashings they give out. 

That's the problem, everybody keep their mouth shut and allow them to do what they want, we're all ok - I'm here to speak it,  I did something stupid and I (me) got myself into a mess 20 years ago.  I fully accept that responsiblity and I don't deny it, never have.  I would have told anybody all about it, if they had ask.  Sometimes there are lessons learned and experience comes from sticking your hand on the stove.  You don't know how many I do tell, "don't do it, it's not worth it.  You destroy your own self respect, not to mention the trust and faith others have in you."  It's when you work years and years trying to rebuild and make up for that stupidity and then when you go out on a limb to try and do something good, people like you and TWDC take a sucker punch and knock you out. 

If I was the only individual slamming TWDC, I could clearly understand being questioned about my actions, feelings and providing information about the goins on of this community organizaton, but I am not, and half this dam neighborhood feels the same way, but clearly you won't get them to say so for the simple fact that the same thing that will be done to them. 

My ass has already been nailed to the wall, so there is nothing else they can do to me, so they go after the people I believe need this community's support.  You were clearly the one I never expected to stoop to that level.  Just so you get your facts straight, who do you think was talking to Councilman Joe Cimperman about getting some help out to these poor people that need help.  His asisistant made a special trip to my house to bring a load of pamplets and informational Brochures for me to look through to see which ones would be most useful in this neighborhood.  Would you feel funny to know that you, Dave Gambel and Dolores Cass were the first three mentioned in need of this help.  I get it, of late a lot has been happening and yes, I told you to take it while you could get it - I told Dave Gambel the same thing - you deserve it. 




attacks or not

There is plenty of frustration with TWDC to be sure.

My query after Jerleen posted acknowledging that she is somewhat focused on TWDC was only to attempt to gain some clearer understanding of where the lines are drawn.  Allot has been said about problems with TWDC but I am unclear as to how any of that will change.  At times the lines drawn feel like "you're either with us or against us."  No room to discuss, ask questions or hold one's own opinion beyond the strict lines drawn.

I recall Jerleen posting sometime last summer about contractors at the Gospel Press not just encroaching on her property but damaging the house's foundation!!!  I drove by, and based upon my observations that looked to be occuring to properties abutting the Gospel Press project.  I truly thought something that significant could not go unremedied - but i believe it has (gone unremedied).

Then in an attempt to rub salt in it all - yes someone(s) posted attacks of Jerleen and her family based upon some very dated material.

This simply reinforced for me that those attacking Jerleen were attacking just to attack.  The stuff was too old, sentences (whatever they were) had long since been served, seems it was offered to detract from the trespassing and damage done to her home.

Seems that was just a senseless attack of Jerleen and her family to somehow justify mistreating them now.

I guess I am not clear that I can blame TWDC for all of that, nor do i think the issues are simply US vs THEM - which is why i asked Jerleen about who she sees as her community.

Jerleen offered one direct response to my inquiry and I thanked her.

While subsequent posts were not addressed to me - i do think i got the message.

peace to all, to your endeavors and to your community


One important thing I forgot

One important thing I forgot to mention, Sammy Catania and Chris Garland get PAID to do this work.  It is their JOB to see to it that people like you get their share of the funds being doled out to TWDC to help the poor people.  Again, I ask you how long were you ingnored by TWDC? 



Our Community

Bj, you raise very good point.  Who is our community?  It is 'us'?  Is it 'them'?  I'd like it to be 'we' and that's why I do all I can to promote dialogue.  Kate 

Cause neighbors to fight


I have read a few of your posts and I like that you speak your mind.  Please be careful not to let those you are speaking out against pit you against your neighbors who you are clearly trying to help.  That is an old trick that is used to get your attention away from them and cause conflict within your community.  If the community is divided the 'enemy' can come in and conquer. 

I am not a resident of the Tremont area but I do live in the new Ward 14.

And, I think bringing up your past record is wrong.  You can be proud that you turned your life around.  Don't get discouraged, keep the faith.



yep - i like the way you approach this Kate.

i fear the us vs. them shuts down dialogue.

Jerleen - fact is TWDC is a non-profit.  They remind of council reps - which i have shared on this blog -> graciously ignore me after election year.

But like council reps if they want something from me (a vote, a donation) they seem to find me just fine.

Good luck on the dialogue front.

I am leaving as i do not wish to unwittingly insult people - or otherwise disrupt the dialogue, by not nicely and neatly falling into whatever categories and assumptions people have seemingly tossed unto me.

What i have commented on in re: others, has been based upon what they have posted - not something i decided to simply assume about them.  But as Dwebb pointed out my tone was poor and seemed bashing, and as i dislike people assuming and attacking me based on nothing but their imaginations, i do not wish for my tone to be rude to Jerleen or anyone here and simply perceived as more of the same.   Too much energy for little or no gain.

And Kate, my "crime" in posting, if there was one - was doing a tongue and cheek creative writing post last fall, when someone here posted a police report they alleged to be against them and they alleged to be false and therefore "proved " how evil TWDC was.  I thought it personal drama, much ado about nothing and IF the claims were true it would have been better handled through the authorities than posting here.  To the best of my knowledge, nothing ever did come of any of that.

I thought it as distasteful as whoever posted the history of Jerleen and her family.    Something sensational to try and take focus off the substantive.

good day 








As I said jb, if you want to

As I said jb, if you want to deflect being called up to muster, flash the spot light on somebody else.

Just as distasteful as posting Sam's record.


Thank you.  It wasn't so

Thank you.  It wasn't so much as turning my life around, as it was never do it again.  I lived pretty much close to the line until that time.   I have no explanation for why I allowed myself to get caught up in a mess.  It created a most difficult time for me in trying to reverse the affects it had on my life.  It was a truly "taking leave of my senses."   

bj please don't leave

Don't leave.  It is not a dialogue if we only hear from a few people.  I recently joined this site and I am just beginning to get to 'know' the writers.  I hope you don't leave the site.   It used to be that neigbors could get together over a cup of coffee but now we use the internet. 

thank you for the thought ward14resident

 but there is plenty for you here without me - whoever i am. (still haven't found where my DNA is on this site)

the on-going diatribes - seemingly intended in my regard - are not grounded in any reality.

makes any rational response impossible.

henry who was just appointed to the board of TWDC - i've never talked with the man but do believe i know who he is.

he's a good guy - imho.

so i posted earlier this morning essentially that sounds like a good thing.

my posting is NOT as it detracts - due to all this "speculation" as to who i am.  so we shall see if this post can be let go - or if there is much flaming in the wake.

have fun all - good luck and peace - it has been a long night of work and i must retire both figuratively and literally.

p.s. IF there is a place where email addresses are listed here - newsflash - there is more than one person with access to it.  i have several communities that i am member of, several screen names shared with others - several websites and blogs

shared with others.  this is uniquely the only website/blog where there is any concern over "who i am."