John Carney - Helping to Shrink Cleveland

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Fri, 11/27/2009 - 13:18.

Cleveland Cuyahoga Port Authority Board member John Carney is doing his share to help close down Cleveland.  

We all know that the NEO area must shrink its infrastructure as our population declines, and as our intense corruption diverts tax money from ethical, necessary, and  citizen-centric infrastructure maintenance and  improvements, our population will decline even more due to failing what can a Port Authority Board member do to work in sync with the inevitable closure of Cleveland?
On September 22, 2009 past Board president Michael Wager introduced the term “benign complicity” on a call in to Dan Multhrop.  
Benign Complicity is a fast spreading ethical cancer.   We have thousands of metastasized BC cells in NEO, with the unhealthy cells killing and driving out the healthy cells. 
Sick cells of course, help downsize and shrink Cleveland, which is what our urban planners know is inevitable.   So, to reach closure, benign complicity needs to reach critical mass in NEO, and the area can finally enter the hospice.
By maintaining (even the appearance of) conflict of interest between his private business interests and the interests of the people as represented by the CCPA,  by maintaining secrecy about important decisions at the Port which the public has the right to be informed about, Mr. Carney strengthens the  force of  benign complicity – pushing the NEO area closer to the critical mass BC goal we need to reach system shut down.
Mr. Carney is doing his fair share, what about you? 
 How will you convince others to go along to get along in order to reach critical mass in benign complicity?



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GCBL - Greed, Complicity, Blind Leadership

"How will you convince others to go along to get along in order to reach critical mass in benign complicity?"

Just tell them to be greedy... and take reality for a spin with propaganda

Greed, Complicity, and Blind Leadership... always there to make even the most insane development plans seem "green", for the Powers That Be...

Let's put a bike path along a freeway, so bicyclists may start and end each day with asthma, heart disease, cognitive impairment, cancer and genetic mutations, in urban-elitist celebration of the sustainability of sprawl... that's Green!

AMP away!

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