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Location, location, location...you know that location is the most important component of appraisal pricing for real estate.
The corner of E93 and Quincy in Cleveland is the perfect location for the new Cuyahoga County Juvenile Justice Center, especially with all the commercial office space in Downtown Cleveland filled with tenants.
But perhaps more importantly for our County government, the corner of E93 and Quincy in Cleveland is the perfect location to feed County corruption. Out of sight, out of mind.
But the biggest winner could be the old owners of the property – the Stern estate. If the property was really polluted, and the Estate had any assets besides this property – the cost of the environmental cleanup would have been borne by the estate.  By selling the property to the County, and being indemnified for any environmental clean up, the Stern’s may have scored millions.     Then again, maybe the property wasn't known to be polluted and Independence Excavating, innocently digging away on the site, just kept bumping into surprising pockets of pollution.  
When I heard at a County Commissioners Board meeting in early 2008 that the foundations for the Justice Center were being built before the bonding for the entire project was in place, I thought that was a little strange - I added the Justice Center to this list on Realneo of the Commissioners' "smart moves" back then.
Wouldn’t it be funny if the FBI were investigating Forest City?
I hope that this nice building doesn't turn out to be in the way of the Opportunity for Toby Cosgrove Corridor.
Image of goof ball hollow column "architecture" June 22, 2009


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What I have learned about unreal NEO is we have some very powerful, very corrupting families here who control enough politicians and sell-out hacks to keep most of the benefits of government within a few family pockets. Again, the Justice Center project goes back several decades and administrations, so involves 1,000s of community leaders... the current administration has to deal with the mess.

Jane Campbell and Hunter Morrison should be the experts on this and you know them, and they are hopefully out of local politics and so may speak honestly - ask them what exactly went down during their decades of administration here. Let's get some facts on the real history of REAL NEO while enough of the players are still alive to put together all the pieces, and hold people accountable.

The Real NEO Memory project - always real, real time.

Disrupt IT


  Waste, fraud, corruption...destroying our local history...all in a typical NEO day:

Cuyahoga County Juvenile Justice Center's fate could settle fight for Carnegie Avenue exit ramp by Karen Farkas, The Plain Dealer

Wednesday August 05, 2009, 10:28 PM


And the fun never stops:


Cuyhoga County/City of Cleveland/Metrohealth/ODOT/Catholic Diocese/Clinic/Opportunity Corridor/HUD/CMSD/Forest City...ad nauseum.

The ODOT  imperative to close Carnegie is meant to redistribute traffic, wealth and investment to the Opportunity Corridor.  Using other people's money...it's been the plan all along....


I am glad to see that CSU's Tom Bier is feed up enough to call out this pathetic land and contract game played out by the City of Cleveland controlled by local developers...


I was just looking at the

I was just looking at the building on Sunday, behind it; across the rail tracks they seem to be moving dirt around. East 105th street terminates at Quincy and that area across the tracks would be the first section of the ‘OC’ if that ever happens.

I took some time to drive East on Quincy through the ‘Fairfax’ and then ‘Central’ neighborhoods. They built many new homes in that area between Cedar, Central and Quincy (Community College Boulevard). Quincy becomes the later west of East 40ths street. Ten blocks of new homes between E30th and E40th not completely filled in; there is certainly allot of new construction though. Also Between East 55th and E66th north from Quincy south to Woodland is also all new construction. Single family homes and also town homes.

From East 79th to East 93rd is mostly older homes between East 71st and 79th is all industrial.

The entire quadrant that the Juvenile Justice Center is located on; would be defined as from Quincy at East 93rd East to Woodhill. Then the southern side of the quad would be Woodland; from East 93rd to Woodhill. It is all industrial and traversed by rail. Extending East 105th through to Woodland would require no demolition at all; except for a car wash at the end of east 105th on Quincy. They should do that, they should widen East 105 from Cedar and extend it to Woodland.

I wonder why they do not just extend Shaker Blvd to East 55th then connect East 105th into it, too expensive…I suppose.

There is a lot of cutting trough going on in that area, I take Shaker to Buckeye then to Woodland then to 55th. I take Woodhill to Quincy and then East 93rd to Euclid all the time. I avoid Fairhill and if an alternative was better designed so would many others.

There is no good north south connecting roads in that area, other than East 55th. East 105 could be that and should, be widened and extended to Woodland.

Move ahead move along, find a better candidate for commissioner. I saw a proposal for developing around E105 once, called opportunity triangle. I can’t find it anymore. It was to develop the area from Carnegie south to the tracks and included East 105th.

This project as it is the 'OC' is more than likely a way to trade land in the path, bet friends have bought up parcels in the path. That is why Forest City owned the corner, because they new the county was going to buy it. They can deny that but it is true we all know it.  The stuff is all pre-arranged, that era is ending.  That's why I say move ahead, define alternatives.   



The ERA is ending...

  Is that so...Oengus?  I hope so, because I can't take much more of it.  These folks all have to GO.

Pay phone

Juvenile image is 4u lmcshane

Realneo always has  stringers out there for reporting and photography. 

Lmcshane asked me about two weeks ago to grab an image of the JJcenter but I couldn't get to it 'til yesterday.  So the photo is for u L.

If any reader/user of Realneo needs a photo taken and posted...you can ask straight up on the home page, or click on any users name on realneo and send a private email requesting the image you feel is important.  

Reuters has nada on the Realneo community!


My KInd Of HASTily made Cleveland Video

lmcshane, dont' tell me! Tchaves made this video?  Actually, the video is harmonious with my outlook on Leveland.    But on the utube site I'm not clear who the videographers are. 

Realneo needs more of this.   Especially the singing!

Part II


now seriously






thats who made the videos

Basically class clowns...that never grew up. 


  I do not want to be a


I do not want to be a bouncing rubber ball, or try to follow one around either.

How do you promote a system were less is more? The region has too many people on the edge of their seats looking for something wrong. Then it all looks wrong, it is because the problems are systemic.

The land trading and exchanges surrounding the property, it has to do with the LLC’s and holding groups. Study the Enron case, it has to do with creating separate entities that are not accountable and operate in the shadows and behind closed doors.

The parcel should always detail the exchanges made on it, and it does; but it is a trick to get or have access to that information. The LLC and then zero dollar exchanges, it still is public information but they just add some layers or hoops to jump through. Why? Obviously to keep it from plain view from as many as possible.

Look at the Opportunity corridor it's a path of land, who owns the land they are acquiring and what is it being exchanged for. It could be several parcels and the exchanges will be higher than the market values. The transfers that occur the time-lines on these will surely tell a tale. Any transfers of that land within the time-line of it being considered are suspect.

A person within ODOT or any other agency can use that, they can share that information. They can say look eventually this project will happen…buy up the land and hold it. When the time comes they will buy it at a premium. If they do not offer what you want, then that’s fine, we have people on the court that will ensure you get the most for it.

A piece of land that has been for sale for or abandoned for 20 years really has no value, it is actually a liability. That corner of East 93rd was that, a liability in property tax. Then as history shows it was a liability in that it required remediation to clean it.

That’s about manufacturing demand and in that contriving value, the government wanting the land should not affect value. It definitely should never be used to actually conjure value and then exchange it. It is corruption and manipulation of the process.

Who is holding all the land? They are holding it and then looking for chances to make money off it. That is fine if it is not related to any government funds.

The assets have to be valued correctly, what the land is worth must be real and not manipulated. The use of government funds or systems to manipulate land value is corrupt.

Having a better system would tag parcels at the onset of a project and freeze the values. Then banks should not be permitted to lend on those beyond the set value. They cannot be inflating values and then using government funds to cover the inflated costs.

Even a streets that has homes that are tax abated should not be able to artificially inflate the values of adjacent property.

This scenario is all directly related to the methods used to value and tax land and real property. The property tax and evaluation methods should be less subject to corruption and opportunism. The inflation is not related to real value, it is and can be conjured. The home next to a $300,000.00 condo did not improve so why should its value inflate? The values are the governments greed, more taxes higher values.

The system is over a century old and not even from the last century.

Class clowns

  Mike Polk and the other sketch artists behind Last Call and Man in the Box etc. might get written off as juvenile, but consider this--the one export Cleveland can still boast these days is HUMOR...

Systemic Failure - shame on the players




@Robert Brown there are no congratulations here - this is systemic failure http://juvenile.cuyahogacounty.us/en-US/history.aspx Cuyahoga County should have put a reuse plan in place for this building before the facility services were relocated to th e awful new building on Quincy - where Forest City made out.  


The corruption behind the Quincy facility predates the creation of the "Campus District" CDC - it is a construct of Neighborhood Progress Inc. The foundations should not be supporting such a bogus entity merely to camouflage the fact that public dollars are going to be spent to demolish this historic building on behalf of some as yet unidentified developer who will benefit from the acquisition of this property.  http://realneo.us/content/juvenile-justice-center-demonstrating-well-run-government-cuyahoga