Letter From Coleman On Harassment By Judge McLaughlin Murray And Mayor Jackon's Love Of White Women And His Hatred Of Blacks

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 Investigative Journalist and Editor Kathy Wray Coleman

A Letter To The Community From The Desk Of The Kathy Wray Coleman Online News Blog.Com and Cleveland Urban News.Com (www.kathywraycolemanonlinenewsblog.com)

Dear Community: 

I was threatened today by my new attorney in the Cleveland Judge Lynn McLaughlin Murray malicious prosecution case. Attorney Sandra Harding, who is Black but seems to be a pawn for the White establishment and corrupt White judges, met with me once for all of about an hour. During that meeting she promised to get Judge McLaughlin Murray removed from the case and replaced with either Judge Pauline Tarver or Lauren Moore( both Black), saying that, unlike McLaughlin Murray, they are not run by police. She also agreed that its is illegal and unconstitutional to try to sentence a Black for allegedly resisting arrest when sole White male arresting Deputy Sheriff Gerald Pace did not testify, file a complaint or even accuse me of it. I now know that she is a fraud where she not only did not object,  but urged the judge harass me, though McLaughlin Murray was handpicked for the case to target a community activist and journalist.

Today she threatened me saying that McLaughlin Murray canceled the illegal sentencing hearing of tomorrow but I would be jailed if I did not appear in a day or two's notice at some future time for a secret hearing on a motion that the judge will not say what it is for, meaning that she could be having a hearing on a motion to smack me in the face. This is because the judge has no respect for the Black community and while Whites get two weeks notice of hearings and she identifies what type of hearing and motion she is hearing, we don't. I am out of town and will return later this week where Harding assured me that no illegal sentencing hearing will be held this week and even if it were I would have to have time to meet with this crazy and anti-Black attorney. And if the judge schedules an unknown hearing with two days notice when Whites are not treated that way I will not be there and we shall picket in front of the home of Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson where he has endorsed this nut of a judge and is telling her what to do. We shall also picket the office of Harding, whom we are investigating for harassing Black women.

The Local Rules of the Cleveland Municipal Court require at least seven days notice of a hearing and judges cannot issue warrants without a bond forfeiture hearing that Clerk Earle Turner is to schedule, though he is corrupt and rarely follows the rules or the law, for that matter. So the telephone message threat by my own attorney that she would have me jailed unless I appeared with two days notice is puzzling. And she filed a secret motion and has refused to provide a copy because it is most likely fraudulent where the motion hearing was merely harassment for the mayor and others, and no telling what is in store for me.
Stay tuned for an article on the Joaquin Hicks robbery that led to murder oral argument of today. I went to it at the Ohio Eighth District Court of Appeals with other community activists , lawyers and the Hicks' family, and then we picketed Olive Garden Restaurant as to the mistreatment of women, both Black and White, many of whom have agreed to join us when we picket Jackson and Harding's office, if necessary. I herein would ask the mayor to ask his girlfriend McLaughlin Murray to stop harassing me, since White women are his thing. Why is it that we never see Mayor Jackson's Black wife at any events? And why does he only endorse corrupt White female judges like crazy Judge Kathleen Keough and potentially unbalanced McLaughlin Murray? The reason is because he has an innate hatred of Black women and his own people, and 11 Black women on Imperial Ave were murdered because of incompetence by his all non Black top level law enforcement leadership team, and all while his niece that lived with alleged serial killer Anthony Sowell, whose capital murder trial b egins June 6,  got away clean with his help. 

Jackson does not believe in compromise and is a psychotic man that wants to win at any cost. Yes, I thanked him for the Blaine Griffin meeting last week , but he went back to his slick ways thereafter. And he knows that he cannot con the Black judges in the Cleveland Municipal Court to fix cases as Keough and McLaughlin Murray will do, where they have the mainstream media to protect them. Watch and see who the Plain Dealer Newspaper endorses for judges this year.

Kathy Wray Coleman, The Imperial Women, 216-932-3114

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Maybe the Plain Dealer should STOP endorsing...

Any candidates and revert to "JUST THE FACTS, JACK!"

Let the people make their own choices.

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