Koinonia Homes aka Land BANK

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(coin-o-NEE-yah) is a rich, complex word of Greek origin. Community, partnership and generous sharing are at the heart of the word. When translated into English, it means fellowship.


Okay, this is really starting to smell funny and no one is going to say ANYTHING? 

The Land Bank is now...ALSO a Social Service Agency? 



Does this not remind anyone...ANYONE...of a similar shell game??





See 2009 comments to PD article above before they are deleted:



Rokakis is no angel. He is blindly arrogant and vindictive to the extent that he can actually be pretty stupid. He is no different from any other elected official in this county with a bloated and overpaid staff. Is there a payroll anywhere in the county that did not have a Rokakis on it at one time or another?

He packed the land bank with some of the priciest staff possible - no gratuity payments there - and now he wants to up the ante by getting them covered by PERS? I guess the sky is the limit for that non-profit

Where was he earlier this year when one of his male staff - with a criminal record - sexually assualted a mentally challenged female employee right in the building? Offering his condolences to her or making an absolute pest of himself trying to get his little buddy out of jail. Gotta love jail security systems. That's what I call lobbying. Oh, and the guy retired before being indicted. Sweet.

Yeah, he is commissioner material all right.



Lily caught this media story : http://www.newsnet5.com/dpp/news/local_news/oh_cuyahoga/child-care-center-to-open-in-brooklyn-at-former-library-site#ixzz2RNt8W91o



Wow...the masterplan is still in effect...only the "urban farms" will not have former prisoners working them...at least...not for now...gotta assuage the few folks still living in Cleveland with images of more docile folks...so enjoy the farm Old Brooklyn!

And, the CDC is still working on this great proposition:

Brooklyn Centre gets women inmates! Farming vegetables and hydroponic fish!! Wet t-shirt nights, too?!

every now and then, mcshane

must be locked in as gross inaccuracies and misogyny is on overload.

Frangos and St. Clair Superior CDC

Frangos and Rokakis definitely know how to play federal dollars...they both mastered the art of manipulating CDCs and creating useless non-profits to reward their friends with jobs (see Neighborhood Housing Services)...but the idea of pop-up shops in St. Clair Superior neighborhood is not one of their big pay outs...(here's a link...I suppose this violates your sense of copyright, too...)

The Land Bank is a racket.  If the feds ever expose the obvious truth here--then maybe Lily Miller will get credit for her efforts to defend taxpayers and civil rights in Northeast Ohio.  Dianna Hill also deserves a mountain of credit for her research, too. 

The arrogance of Rokakis and Frangos-- two former (both still/will collect PERS) public officials is astounding.  Homes have been lost and community destroyed by their outright greed.  Gus Frangos and Gary Paulenske were both instrumental at "overlooking" major tax delinquencies during their time at the Board of Revision as appointed by Rokakis.  Paulenske was Frangos appointee to replace him on City Council.  I am sure that the loophole that allowed some folks to skate with large delinquencies while small time delinquencies got sold through tax lien sales amounted to one filing with the Board of Revision...a process known to take years for a hearing. 

All "legal" on the books...but with Sweeney going down and others, too--the cascade of followers at Community Development Corporations will have to squeal, too.  Property has been traded like playing cards to fulfill some sick masterplan at Neighborhood Progress Inc., which should also be investigated.  They have known the wholesale land clearing practice and how it works for years.  How the land bank also awards demo contracts should be an obvious investigation, too.

The recent land bank awarding of funds to Koinonia Homes also raises a major red flag...

How did the Land Bank go from 10, to 22, to soon 26 employees and now, to a social agency, without any oversight?  Are these employees collecting PERS...no one seems to care...although, Kevin O'Brien noted the creeping corruption in 2009.



Today, Forlani gets off without having to cooperate with authorities.  I am not happy about that--because it will shield a lot of folks--NAMELY Sweeney for his collusion with Forlani.   The corruption and cover-up for local dems goes all the way to the federal level.  It's really sickening and sad for taxpayers that the Obama administration will not blow the cover on these mob affiliated "Democrats" during an election year.  Perhaps, if he is reelected, he will go after the gross abuse of HUD monies in urban areas like Cleveland and Detroit...

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Thank you Laura!

I appreciate you continually promoting my website.  Too bad I haven't posted anything in a very long time.

Just so you get your facts straight, I do get the gratification of reader counts.   I also get the computer address of those that log on, what they read, how long they were on my website, and how they got there.

Lots of city & county officials, folks from all over the world, FBI, etc, log in on occasion.  I even get folks logging in from the public library.

And I also get gratification by not getting fucked with by a bunch of lunatics either. 

When I find time, I am going to copy / paste some of your stuff to my website, along with a little twist of course.

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Have at it....

Hope you are well.  I never maligned you or your efforts.  In fact, I have the utmost respect for your efforts on behalf of Frank Giglio and other folks who have been screwed over by the system.  It's too bad that the practice of divide and conquer works so well, especially among the disenfranchised.  BTW-I am home and posting from there today.  Free speech...it's a fragile right.



Hey....it's just business as usual in Cuyahoga County...

Nothing new about this type of garbage, is there?


Praying for all former inmates who are attempting to reenter a corrupt world.

Just hope these formerly incarcerated folks find productive labor and lives ahead of them after serving their time for their crimes in our quotafied world. (Big business every which way you shake that stick for our big democratic government!) 

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

None of it will end in our lifetimes....

So we must adjust or keep playing the insane game of fighting these corrupt folks....difficult, but possible. 

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Quality of Life

  I had a very disturbing conversation with the pastor of a local church.  His son was attacked by a gang on the church property and the police response to the situation was to "let it go," because their son could end up with charges filed against him instead...and discussions with the prosecutor's office were similarly useless.  Bottomline: The thugs run things here. 

This pastor, his wife and his family stabilize our neighborhood and make the community liveable with a beautifully landscaped church and home.  The police don't care, the political representatives don't care.  We all just have to fend for ourselves.  It's disheartening and depressing.  I told the pastor's wife to hang in there, because I am not going anywhere for at least ten years...10 years and, if I survive, I will leave to be  happy...it has to get better, because we can't all hold up the community in this town.

New Jim Crow and New Carpetbaggers

  Michelle Alexander speaks next Thursday at the RENOVATED John Hay auditorium....proposed construction for new John Marshall High School will not have an auditorium....not covered by the state facilities funding process which will soon use your tax dollar to tear down a perfectly good school WITH an auditorium and a pool to REPLACE with a smaller school WITHOUT a pool or auditorium...but $$ in the carpetbaggers pockets!

Here is the link to the Michelle Alexander event:


Racism is alive and well in America and we have not found a way to discuss it without resorting to witchhunts.  It's sad.  It's sad that words are still weapons and both sides make it a football game instead of a barn raising.