Krishna's Gone

Submitted by Eternity on Fri, 08/07/2009 - 17:00.

the light is gone.
my beloved Krishna has returned;
not to me, but to his heavenly home.

who knew the universe and the stars could retreat at such a rapid pace.  who paused to think that brilliance could ever come to an end.  and how does it reason to mourn the loss of someone you've felt all your life; being someone you never knew--never met--never touched.

this is the magic and wonder of a legend;
marvelous splendor, leaving a lasting impression
in the blink of an eye, for all of eternity.

Krishna's Gone
A poem by Max Eternity
Dedicated to Michael Jackson

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I love

 the Krishna - Jackson connection.

It makes sense.

Waste of

Waste of time.


Misunderstands the meaning of the word 'legend'.



Take your lies and hate elsewhere!

Cognition and the ability to perceive that which is spawned from brilliant intelligence, creativity and love, as opposed to that which is pathetic, inept and afraid to face the light of day--choosing (like a typical, card-carrying, miserable Republican) to archair quarterback and criticize that which one cannot begin to phathom, defines the true measure of value and worth and that which is Palinesque, sophomoric and outright dumb.  Thus whomever you are, skepticalthinker (clearly someone with a maliced mind and noxious, toxic heart) I don't really give a fuck about what you have to say!

skepticalthinker, you who has not a single post on his/her/its blog, needs to get a life...with the quickness!

And by the way, as I told the ignoramuses, who illinformed, thought he/she/they could get away with attacking me in comments here at this link, this is not the FOX news version of RealNeo.  Hence as a contributing poster, who actually CONTRIBUTES, I would encourage you to add your voice to the mix in an honest, transparent manner, or shut the hell up!

We've already got enough Bill Oreilly's in the world.  So take up another cause, like something decent and good!

Am I fed up with your particular brand of rancid, infantile bullshit?  You better believe it!  Take your lies and hate elsewhere!

 I've always found Hinduism

 I've always found Hinduism made so much more sense than Christianity. 

For one, they outright acknowledge it as stories and legends - Christians get their panties all up in a tight wad when you show them Christ wasn't really born December 25th and "Christmas" was a well known holiday celebrating the sun or sun gods. I could get into Easter and numerous other "christian" holidays, but thats ok - ask a Jehovah's Witness the next time they come to your door - they would probably lOVe to tell you!

The there is the idea that a god is all pure. Hindu gods have "good" and "bad". It permits humans measured anger or other "bad" qualities, for the betterment of other humans. Kumbaya is nOt a Hindu quality. And it is accepted that a "god has no power without his "goddess", and vice versa.

The idea that there is some of each god found in each human is another lovely tenet of Hinduism. Although I wasn't a big fan, Jackson had a spark and glow that obviously touched many others. Thanks for sharing, Eternity.

The torment of enlightenment

Great analysis of religion in East versus West.  It really is a world of difference.   And for anyone who is looking to gain more insight on this subject, I would highly recommend "Hero with a Thousand Faces" by Joseph Campbell.


If the history books are correct, then one would clearly observe that humans (as a whole) are not known for their collective appreciation for avatars; not the stupid facebook avatar, but avatar in it's original sense.  Look at what we did to Jesus, Gandhi, Princess Dianna, MLK, Malcolm X.  And look at how we treated Michael Jackson, a man who is in the Guiness Book of World Records for having been the celebrity who gave the most to charity.  We treated him like he was public enemy #1, all the while installing two of the most evil men the world has ever know (Bush & Cheney) at the apex of leadership of the planet. 

Dolly Parton, whom I absolutely adore, has had way more cosmetic surgery than Michael, and yet no one speaks ill of her.  And of these very, very, very hurtful claims that Michael was a sexual predator, the degree to which he was lynched alive is absolutely unprecedented. 

Dr. King was hunted down like a dog by the FBI, who also by the way, was accused by  the FBI of being a sexual pervert.  And yet Elvis, a white man, who was alleged to have had a few gay relationship in his time, never ever has had to suffer the indignities that King and Jackson endured.

This is the reality that black men have to live with.  I've experienced lots of racial profiling; having been falsely arrested and charged with a crime I did not commit. 

Instead of being challenge on our merit, black men, we are tarred and feathered as wanton criminals and sexual perverts; no questions asked.  During last year's election, there were even attempts to brand Obama as a (remember?) closet homosexual, not because being gay is bad (because it's certainly not) but because in the minds of many, it's a perversion.

This nation really needs to look at how it's going to redeem its soul from hell.

now tHAt:

"are not known for their collective appreciation for avatars; "

 I blame on the Christian god! 

HE is the one that put the stupid bell curve on the IQ scale....


Finding the Christ in Christianity

The Quakers are one of the very best example of Western religious traditions, living their lives in services--teaching empowerment through non-violence, just as Jesus did.  Yet sadly, the Quakers are the exception in Christianity, not the rule.  This being especially true if one subscribes to the Gingrich-Palin-Falwell-Bush version of Christianity, as in compassionate (whatever) conservatism.

Sickening isn't it?

Religion can be a confusing thing.  Thus it's no surprise that former President Jimmy Carter, a man who lives his life much as Christ lived his life (speaking truth to power and aiding the poor) decided, some years back, to defect from the Baptist Church.  Now choosing instead to teach an interdisciplinary message of Christ in his sunday school class down in Plains, Georgia.  I don't remember the exact quote, but at the time, Carter essentially said that he could no longer allow his messaged to be mixed-up with the contemporary Baptist message of hypocrisy, bigotry, supremacy and oppression.

And speaking of oppression--being lynched by the Mossad/CIA press--look at how Carter and Cynthia McKinney have been treated ever since they started speaking up about the open-air concentration camp Israel has imposed upon the Palestinians.

they threw McKinney in jail

and deported her

Obama refused to make a statement about it.