"Kudos on providing a forum for hatred, racism and trolling. Hope you considered this project a "success""

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 04/27/2010 - 13:43.

"Kudos on providing a forum for hatred, racism and trolling. Hope you considered this project a "success"" - believelandd. I couldn't say it better myself... this comment by a Cleveland.com reader, posted on Cleveland.com today, condemning the departing "Chief Executive" of the smoke and mirrors PlainDealer/Newhouse's wretched little portal to spam. Hard to calculate anything that has harmed  development of the new economy in Cleveland so much in our history... and so The Chief Executive is being universally trashed in departure.

Perhaps getting out of the way of some litigation... smart to get out now?!?!

I do feel it is a shame a possibly decent person was harmed so much by her employer. I'm sure she was paid well for that, and is jumping ship with a great big golden parachute, but still.. it must be like working for a coal burning company, knowing your life causes such harm....

Hoping for a worthy replacement.

For some real social media reality at the Cleveland Plain Dealer, read the comments among the subjects at Cleveland.com about the loss of their "leader" - wonder if the PD executives will bother reading those comments, or just delete them, and how quickly...?!!?

Chief executive of cleveland.com is leaving to join a local software start up company

By Shaheen Samavati, The Plain Dealer

April 26, 2010, 2:36PM

eliza-wing3.jpgEliza Wing

Updated at 6:14 p.m.

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The chief executive of cleveland.com said Monday that she will step down to accept a new position at a technology start-up that will produce electronic books for mobile devices.

Eliza Wing was hired in 1996 to help launch cleveland.com, the Web site that hosts content from The Plain Dealer and other local news sources. Wing started as editor and was promoted to chief executive the following year. Today she manages about 30 people.

"I think cleveland.com is at a place in its history when its ready to take the next step and I'm excited for the company," she said. "We're exceeding our revenue goals and our audience is continuing to grow. There's just so much more to do. That was part of what made the decision so hard."

If you really want to congratulate Eliza, she's part of the Facemob here...

More on her departure from Cleveland.com on Cleveland.com... read through the comments and reflect that these are REALLY her best friends...


Proof in point - and this freak posts such hatred there daily

In response to a tragic article in the PD today about a boy who was mollested by a sex offender, and driven to kill him, a maggot troll attacks the boy on clevealnd.com - why is this legal and why does the PD aid and abet this.

Do realNEO leaders and readers (or any leaders of the region) want such a character as this showing his lying, secret hater face anywhere in their community, virtual or otherwise... could this be a child-rapist just stirring shit for fun - not worth the risk to society allowing such trolls to live at all! - not allowed in my world! Why does the PD encourage this?

Maggot troll on Cleveland.com
Posted by boneybenny
April 29, 2010, 12:04PM

Kovarbasich didn't live with his molester. He went there voluntarily, and kept going back for more knowing what was expected.

He won't get the keys to the corvette after getting rammed in prison.

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Troll of the Day? http://connect.cleveland.com/user/oengus/index

It would be interesting for those who frequent Cleveland.com to point out on realNEO the worst of the troll activity over there - the really hateful stuff, like this guy above - expose them outside their Middle Earth and look for clues of who they are and why they post what they do - if Cleveland.com won't deal with them, we should.

For example, it appears here is the PD version of that MF Troll Oengus, who infested realNEO for so long, before wisely killing himself here - still preserved in time on the real troll-land, before he disappeared from Middle Earth - http://connect.cleveland.com/user/oengus/index.html

You'll see his remnants reflected on realNEO as postings by None - he closed his account but left his content here so it is stuck in time on realNEO, as well.

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