Life in Cleaveland

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 I had lunch yesterday with a smart, independent woman who has managed to carve out a good life for herself in Cleveland.  We are both complainers, but we both see the positives, too.  She has lived in Chicago, Toronto, and Cleveland, and of the three places, she prefers Cleveland.  Cleveland's cost of living allows her to travel to Paris - twice a year to be recharged by the energy and joie de vivre - that is uniquely French.

Is France- perfect?!  Hardly - they have their problems, too - but they also know how to enjoy life while it lasts. I try, on occasion, to see the beauty - the tableaux -but I keep coming back to the realities that undermine our great cultural city.  My friend is a music lover and I am an afficiando of great visual art.  We are both lucky to have many offerings her in Northeast Ohio.  We also have stunning nature.  I would be a happier person, if we all figured out how to make our cultures mix together with some peace and sensibility.


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Life in the best location in the nation

I had lunch with an amazingly smart independent woman who makes life better for all of us who love our homes on the near West side by fighting the powers that be for all of us. I love Cleaveland because you can basically live the life you want with a minimum of interference from the gooberment. Cleveland is a live and let live cut the crap kind of place even though many of our elected officials are criminals who have lined their pockets with the tax dollars of our impoverished citizens for decades. I just attended Chamberfest 2013 brought to us by the gorgeous very brilliant concertmaster of the Calgary Philharmonic Diana Cohen and her father, the incomparable Franklin Cohen, principal clarinet of TCO for 35 plus years. The venues included the very best of our city, the Dunham Tavern Museum, the brand new Transformer Station Gallery, Harkness Chapel and Mixon Hall at CIM with the glass wall as a backdrop to the musicians. There are no adequate superlatives to describe this event. Only in Cleveland!

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