Majora Carter

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 is the City Club's guest speaker tomorrow.... St James AME Church, 8401 Cedar Road


Greening the Ghetto and how much it WONT cost...

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5pm :)


Elena re: Majora

Hi Elena-Thank you for making us aware of this presentation.

I got to the event too late to hear the speaker.  Please post your thoughts on the presentation.  I spoke with a number of folks, afterwards--it doesn't sound like NEO is pursuing the same strategies advocated by the speaker, but I could just be a naysayer. 

I spoke with one property owner in Glenville, who is not being allowed to pick up the property adjacent to his own--for any use, including gardening--even though he is willing to purchase the property.  It seems the "Land Bank" has these parcels locked up.

Also, in a discussion I had with Councilman Johnson--it would benefit church groups and schools to be participants in the "re-imagining" and the move to localize food production within the City of Cleveland, but that, too, is not happening.

What did I miss?  Where is the option to put sweat equity into owning these vacant parcels outright???

Greening the Ghetto


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Protect Benjamin Franklin Gardens

 The schools had gardens in Cleveland...this program was destroyed...the neighborhoods/churches had gardens...these gardens have been destroyed...

We have something that works and it is destroyed...only to be told by outside developers...start over again! they can ultimately destroy again! with commerical development---

I dug up (no pun intended) this old post--

Because most folks assume that Benjamin Franklin Gardens in Old Brooklyn are protected--they are not. 

Please demand that these gardens get full protection from your now council person Anthony Brancatelli...Brian Cummins would not put the legislation through council to protect the gardens during his tenure.


Nope, it was another one- a big fat lovely message that I was very proud of! ha ha

alright not to worry I'll give you a call :)


Majora Carter's talk tonight

Majora Carter's talk tonight was titled Greening the Ghetto and how much it Won't Cost. Her approach is holistic- she links the systematic environmental abuse of the poor in her own neighbourhood in the South Bronx with other communities nationally- including W Virginia with 'mountaintop removal'- as it relates to education and/or achievement as well as health and nutrition.  This kind of joined up thinking is just what this area needs, non?

SHe has created a framework in which urban agriculture, community empowerment, GREEN JOBS THAT CANNOT BE OUTSOURCED, training and education are all connected. Her program trains and re-trains people to work in their own communities on projects that benefit that community- and the environment, such as green roofs, greenways (linked system of bicycle lanes and paths), city parks and urban gardens. Oh, and most importantly- it works- She now has a consultancy which is pursuing projects in Detroit and North Carolina. WHY NOT CLEVELAND?
One phrase that stuck with me tonight- ' We don't need to move to a better neighbourhood, we can make one here'
She truly is a testament to the power of one... check it out...
I was thinking about the differences between densely inhabited south bronx and Cleveland-  we are a spread out city, and there is no lack of space- even green space- but the way it is currently utilised doesn't draw people in to many of the neighbourhoods. People need destinations- a reason to visit, hang out, be outside in positive and constructive ways.