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Looks like the " honorable " councilman Brancatelli is up to his old tricks.

Sources report Olga Sarbinowska campaign yard signs are disappearing from Slavic Village residences, buidlings businesses like Casper the Friendly Ghost. Except this "ghost" is no friend. Sources also report the " honorable " councilman alledgedly demands business operators on Fleet Avenue to remove Olga for Council signs or else legal preceedings like the simple okay of licences, etc  will be denided.

Old Brooklyn residents and voters, ask yourself: Is this what you want for your neighborhood?

VOTE for Change. Protect  YOUR neighborhood. Do not let OLd Brooklyn become ridddled with the same problems of Slavic Village.


Vote for Olga Sarbinowska Cleveland City Council Ward 12.


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somebody's delusional here

Correct! The " Honorable "


The " Honorable " councilman is delusional !  He thinks he can win and continue to run down the neighborhood before he is exposed for being the fraud that he is......forclosure caplital of the world, drug crime increased 400%, vacant store fronts, no festival...no vision....no plan............the list goes on.....all under his watch....... his "leadership"? Who is the leader over there?

Tim Ferris,  Please check your facts.

He claims he should stay in power because he ran the Slavis Village Development Corporation?  What were they specializing in developing? Ghettos?   If what Slavic Village is now is considered 'development' someone needs to exhume Webster and have him rewrite his defintion of the word.

Just call it the Slavic Village Degeneration Corporation.

Tim Ferris,

Please check your facts.

Vote for Olga Sarbinowska Avoid Disaster

ps...Hey......If he keeps stealing signs you can call it the Slavic Village Desperation Corporation.

A word to the wise...

The Cleveland Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have been notified about the stolen yard signs.  So if I were YOU I wouldn't even think about stealing any yard signs.  There are severe criminal penalties if YOU get caught because someone just happened to set up a surveillance camera to film YOU stealing them.   If convicted, there is a mandatory prison term.


  Olga, Olga, Olga!!!  Vote for Olga Sabrinowka in Ward 12.

It's not just positive change, it's also an acronym for artistic opportunity in NEO :)

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Letter to the Editor

During my time (1993 to 1999) as President of {the now defunct} South East Clevelanders Together I worked to promote community organizing in Ward 12 {Slavic Village} to address quality of life issues {such as crime watch} in an aggressive and systematic manner. During that time, Ward 12 was represented by current City of Cleveland Director of Building and Housing Edward W. Rybka and the former Broadway Area Housing Coalition nka Slavic Village Development headed then by current Ward 12 Councilman Anthony Brancatelli.
Needless to say, it did not take long for our organization to clash with the former Councilman's housing group. Their primary objective was to build and rehabilitate housing without any real regard for the other issues affecting the residents and business owners. They too took the worst houses and put people {white and black} in them who had no ability {or desire} to pay. In fact, once they completed their first rehabilitation on any given street that house soon became a haven for various social malcontents. Once the "single apple spoiled the barrel" the remaining law-abiding residents moved thus adding further to the catastrophe.
Now the Cleveland City Council has extended the boundaries of Ward 12 beyond the current boundaries of Ward 15 which {as luck would have it} now include my residence. Councilman Brian Cummins has been a fine representative for Ward 15 but as for Ward 12 Councilman Anthony Brancatelli; he will do for Ward 15 {Old Brooklyn} what he has and will continue to do for Ward 12 {Slavic Village}.  

People that have no ability

People that have no ability to pay are not equal to social malcontents that will bring crime into an area.  Sometimes people are just poor.  All poor people are not people that bring crime into an area.  I would think the problem was not that people were unable to pay but that there was no screening out of the criminal element.  Lumping all poor people into a group of social malcontents does a disservice to the poor that will need help to find decent housing.  Rehabbing already existing housing can, and has, provided affordable housing for the poor.  Affordable housing does not have to mean an influx of social malcontents into an area.  Not all poor are criminally minded people.  Some are just poor.


I could not agree more.  Most poor people {regardless of race color or creed} are law-abiding citizens.  In fact, I would argue that more criminals are at the top of our society.  It wasn't poor people that created this economic mess.   The Cleveland Development Corporations screen applicants much more now than before but it is the callous disregard for law-abiding, tax-paying life-long residents that are victimized because some eggheaded councilman and his development group decide THEY know what is best for the community and you don't dare raise an objection to their plans.

I think your making

I think your making generalization about people that make generalizations.

Within poverty is crime, as poverty increases crime does as well. That being robbery and theft, then drug use and related sales, they become cottage industries. A way to make money and a way to find an escape.

Mayor Jackson addressed that once in a meeting of regional mayors, he believes we have more commerce at that level in the city then any other. It was not well received, the point lost, some could not separate it from advocacy, he was not advocating it….it is what it is.

We do not offer housing at prices that people can afford, we offer subsidization to meet prices they cannot afford.

We did something wrong because we now have a very high level of economic infeasibility in our economy.

Some of the projects in the city, some of the homes that were funded to be built or rehabbed were sold with sub prime loans. They falsified the qualifications and terms and the people that procured these, some of them are actually in jail. The people that got the homes, call them what you like, I would leave it as victims, not very intelligent or then again maybe crafty? To get the home for a while, hey its nice and better than renting.

It’s hard to imagine being like that, selling and buying without a conscious, but it happened.

So that rehab in Slavic Village, we do not even know if it was in the market? Do we know if the amount of capital that went into it, that being the total cost was an amount that enough people could have or would have bought under legitimate conditions?

Maybe and then maybe not?

I have seen rehabilitated homes for sale in the city that were asking $189,000. I new when I saw them something was wrong. The cost was beyond the market and even the value, what caused it I wondered? Then I would see them sell and see people in the home that you would question, as to do they or do they not look like they have that much money. Then other times it would be the typical “Urban Homesteader” both to me were unsettling.

We all could buy a home in the city, fix it up, the homes do not cost that much. The CDC’s did it, they came with ideas and no real understanding. Then the contractors ripped them off, then they add in there fees and all of sudden the price is $189,000.00 for a home that was just on the market for less than $65,000.00.


I tried to talk to these people, these kids I would say, they are often sarcastic punks and very defensive. I would say you need to get control of your costs, get rid of the dead weight and staff up on people that actually do real work. Thats construction workers, that’s laborers, thats not what they do.

A small amount of seed money and then going through house by house as they come on the market. I am not sure what these people did, but occasionally I would call a property owner and they would pretty much tell me to fuck off. It was as if they had been asked to sell before, I would wonder as I’m not the person that asked you before and who was that, the CDC?

Then every time I made an inquiry on a property they would come along and buy it, then systematically screw it up. Bad designs, poor quality and of course ridiculously over priced.

It is annoying to see a historic building get meticulously restored and then rented to low income…I have to wonder if they appreciate it? Maybe some do…but from my experience they sometimes often times trash the place.

There are people with low incomes that are clean, neat and honest, you can’t tell by looking at them they do not have much capital. Those are the victims and they usually do not ask for anything, except a fucking break!

Ad appearing in the 10/28/09 Neighborhood News

when you read, see and hear about...
senior citizens and children being killed in their homes and on the street?
foreclosures, vacant houses, absentee landlords and lack of homeownership ruining a once viable neighborhood?
arsonists, street gangs, burglars and robbers terrorizing a neighborhood that was once one of the safest in the country?
five out of six schools is on "academic emergency" leaving one on "academic watch"?
the continuous waste of public dollars that has done nothing to improve the quality of life for those who already live here?
the missed opportunities at job creation when land became available albeit in very suspicious circumstances?
that there is no place for wondering youth to go?
This election is a clear choice between those who have never had it so good and those who know we can do better.  And we KNOW we can do better!!!  Thankfully the next step depends on what YOU decide to do.  It begins with voting.  Don't ever let it be said that this was the time when the tide finally ran out for Cleveland Ward 12.  But rather it was the time that the people stepped forward and chose their own destiny.  Accepting this challenge will empower you to take charge of your neighborhood.  So, it is with great enthusiasm and encouragement that you {brothers and sisters of democracy} answer the call... 
to protect our parents, children and senior citizens...vote!
to turn the tide on foreclosures, vacant houses, absentee landlords and homeownership...vote!
to drive out arsonists, street gangs, burglars and robbers...vote!
to regain control of our schools and begin educating again...vote!
to be assured that public dollars will be used to improve the quality of life for ALL citizens...vote!
to use vacant land to attract new businesses and help improve current businesses...vote!
to give our youth a sense of direction with their lives...vote!
The destiny of YOUR neighborhood is in YOUR hands.  Make YOUR choice next Tuesday, November 3.  It's up to YOU.

Paid for by the personal funds of Joe Bialek in the exercise of the First Amendment Right to Free Speech
4233 River Ridge Drive Cleveland {Old Brooklyn}, Ohio 44109
216-739-1147  jgbialek2 [at] roadrunner [dot] com



That is why I hate drugs. 

That is why I hate drugs.  They ruin everything. 

If I had my way I would have all of our community leaders drug tested once a week just to be sure that we are not being led by people that are addle brained due to drug use. 

Are we all doomed?

I always thought the problem

I always thought the problem was that drugs enhanced everything?

I doubt that the people in city hall are on drugs its something else they are high on…maybe power and control?

Drugs enhance nothing. 

Drugs enhance nothing.  Addicted people don't care about anything but where they will get their next fix.  But, I agree that power and control can be just as addicting as drugs and possibly even more dangerous. 

excerpt from Plain Dealer article dated March 23, 2009

"Also, consider a community meeting Thursday in the South Hills neighborhood. Brancatelli showed up to speak to citizens whose votes he would be courting if he chose to run in the redrawn ward. After reading a letter critical about his service in Slavic Village, a letter that was being circulated to the crowd, Brancatelli left the meeting."

"I showed up with good intentions," Brancatelli said of the meeting. "I was truly angry, incredibly angry."


If he was so angry why didn't he demonstrate the courage of his convictions and defend himself rather than turning tail and running {like a coward} back to Slavic Village?  Is it perhaps because his spin doctors were not there to turn the meeting into a complete waste of time while he successfully dodges issues and questions? 



Brancatelli Disses New Constituents

Submitted by Paul Schroeder on Thu, 03/19/2009 - 10:26pm.

Cleveland Councilman Anthony Brancatelli walked out on his likely new constituents in the South Hills neighborhood last night after reading one negative letter about merging with his Slavic Village Ward.

About 75 Old Brooklyn residents were waiting to hear from Brancatelli and current Councilman Brian Cummins about Council’s likely Monday vote on new ward boundaries mandated by a voter-approved reduction in City Council members.

A critical letter from South Hills neighborhood resident Joe Bialek was included with information handed out to participants. Bialek wrote about his negative experiences as president of the now defunct South East Clevelanders Together organization, which had often clashed with Brancatelli.

The letter spoke to the fears of many South Hills residents who believe merging with the East Side Ward 12 will reduce property values and increase crime.

After reading the letter, Brancatelli left without even greeting the citizens.

Cummins continued his criticism of Council’s plans to redraw the city’s ward map. “The proposed ward boundaries look like something from a Rorschach Test,” Cummins said, referring to the many new odd-shaped wards. “They are simply taking blocks of population to meet unclear criteria. They are appendages that split neighborhoods.”

Cummins has proposed a different redistricting plan that, while still sending the South Hills neighborhood into Ward 12, would simply double-cut Old Brooklyn rather than the proposed thee-way division.

Cummins also roundly criticized the lack of public input into the redistricting processes, saying Friday morning’s meeting on the plan is the only one prior to the Council’s vote on Monday. “The irony is this is Open Government Week,” Cummins added.

“Council leadership has avoided public meetings on this issue,” Cummins said. “They meet with only with a few people at a time, avoiding a quorum.”

Slavic Village attorney Teddy Sliwinski told the crowd, “This is a coup d’état. Your property values will go down by 35 percent. You will be identified with Slavic Village. To put this neighborhood (South Hills) with Brancatelli is suicide.”

A federal disenfranchisement suit is being considered based on geography (nearly non-contiguous wards), improper representation for a ward’s entire population, and impeded access to federal block grants.



Slavic Village nightmare

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