My Voting Address is a Shopping Cart in the Woods

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Mon, 10/15/2018 - 12:47.


Who cares about voters who don't have a real estate address?   Are they paying any taxes?  Not any real estate taxes, that's for sure.  So why should they be able to vote?   (They certainly are paying lottery, cigarette, and alchohol taxes)   Does our USA constitution tie voting to land?   To a fixed physical address?   Should you have any say in anything if you don't have a bed at a real-estate-tax-paying-address?

In San Diego lot' of folks live in the river bottom.   In Los Angeles lots of people's address is on skid row or under an interstate highway bridge.

The shopping cart guy above lives in the urban woods.    Can he get registered to vote?

So I checked around with a few states....I found one state that would allow a shopping cart address to register to vote (see image above)   That still doesn't get a homeless citizen past the other ID requirements....since it's difficult to get utilities hocked up to a shopping cart.  And that bank statement?   Right....


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North Dakota disenfranchises Native Amerians - no street, no #

 The North Dakota Supreme Court recenty ruled that in order to vote in the state a street address number - not (even) a post office box number - was required. 

This is the perfect way to push the State Republican because the large number of Native Americans in the state tend to vote Democrate. 

Personally,  having a street address is distasteful to me - quite crass.   Nothing in the US constitution requires a "street address".   

Read about the North Dakota Supreme Court's decision here at Snopes and here at NPR.


In this day and age - with a proven economy in  dockless bikes and dockless scooters across the world - we could have dockless shopping carts with a satelite connecton and gps location.  When I went to the voting booth all I would need to do is log in with my shopping cart gps location in the woods.  Bingo! I can vote!    

Detroit car manufacturers you are missing the boat here...the auto lobby should be paying their congressional representative to allow voting from a licensed car!  Especially if the car is in Southern California and is occupied by homess person(s).

I have more thoughts on these tangents but I have to go out and blow my leaves and mow my lawn...