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Submitted by lmcshane on Fri, 11/12/2010 - 17:51.

Friday night in "urban" Cleveland is not all gloom and doom. 

On this beautiful, crisp fall night--I found couples making out at Roberto Clemente Park, boys playing football behind Blessed Sacrament off Fulton and cookouts happening throughout the part of designated as Ward 14.

It's not a time to give up--it's a time to fight back and reclaim our community.

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Correction Maron MRN not Marous

Also on a positive note--the Walker and Weeks Building renovation with historic tax credits is almost complete.  Penzeys, a Milwaukee-based spice company, is open in the front part of the building and the restaurant, CROP, will relocate to the beautiful space once occupied by a bank.

2012 West 25th St.
Cleveland OH 44113

(and, lest anyone wants to credit the CDC with the Penzey Spice store--the company guy told me today that he scouted the location and made the arrangement with Maron MRN...stores are also found in Pittsburgh and soon Seattle...)

a nice compliment to the west side market

 I am loyal to the Athens Food and pastry's that were in the back of the United Bank Building. After 54 years in the same location, Marous kicked them to the curb. The owner said that the CDC did not even try to assist in keeping them in the area. We thrive in vacant storefronts. Our loss! They are now located at the Pearlgate shopping center at Pearl and Brookpark. A nice variety of spices, olive oil and soaps, as well as Greek food stuff. 

Welcome to Penzey's, and I will be stopping by on occasion 



Sad to lose Athens

For many years, I hit Athens weekly for my spinach pie fix and to order my cheese from the amazingly handsome Romanian guy who worked there...really sad that he is not at the store on Brookpark and Pearl...I still make the trek there, but he's not there and I am soooo sad.