Mapping the Teenage Mind

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At thirteen, I developed a major crush on one of the skeeziest kids at school.  He was a low level drug runner (pot - hence his popularity) and he would brag about his ability to avoid taking baths. 

Yeah, it was love.  I lived in an affluent suburb of Cleveland.  I followed this guy around like a dog.  One day, he took me to his hang out.  It was the gazebo of a beach house that overlooked Lake Erie.  The main house was high above on the cliff, owned by absentee old rich folks who barely spent any time there.  The gazebo was littered with condoms and cigarette butts. 

To get to the gazebo, we had to ferret our way along a footpath overgrown with grape vines and brambles.  I remember avoiding the poison ivy.  Did I get my first kiss in that gazebo?  No, I had to watch my erstwhile crush smoked cigarettes and brag about his sexual exploits with other girls. 

It was a real low point in my life.  I was at the cusp of adulthood--neither a girl nor a boy.  I am reliving this moment as I finish reading one book, Spidertown by Abraham Rodriguez, and starting another, Clockers by Richard Price.  I am trying to remember and understand how teens THINK.  It's not pretty.

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Mcshane you are Author material: do it!

The path with the poison ivy....condoms and cig butts

And the Plain Dealer removing content to develop their editorial agenda...

You were too intelligent for your age.  Maybe still.   Intimidating...

You are Realneo!

Fund for Our Economic Future--bragging rights??

Thanks Buster--I am sorry I missed the meeting with the Sierra Club at Norm's.  I would like to get the Cleveland Center for Community Solutions involved with the protest.  I bought the dvd and book Plan C:

The Power of Community: how Cuba survived peak oil

Getting teenagers to help with the transformation will be critical.  We can not have them all locked up at the Quincy Juvenile Detention Center.  Building this coal plant and the Opportunity Corridor is sheer insanity.

Thank G_d! Sierra Florez is home safe. Where is Tierra Bryant?

This past week, the media ran several stories about a 14 year old girl who went missing - after more than 10 days - she returned home to her family.

I know how it feels to be that girl - I ran away after a brutal fight with my dad - one night.  Luckily, he knew where to find me.  

Everyone is going to make stupid decisions in life.  I am haunted by all of the kids I watch grow up as they attempt to navigate the treacherous waters of adolescence.  For now, one more is okay.  But, where is Tierra Bryant???  Tears.