Mass. Legislation attempts to force vehicle software into public realm

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So you buy a car for $50,000.00 - that doesn't mean you get the software you need to monitor and fix it.   In fact you don't get that vital component of the product you purchased.   Instead, the dealers get the software - so you are a captive of theirs.   

You really didn't buy all of the car, you just bought the part you can see.

Now non-dealer repair garages in Massachusetts have had enough.   There is a movement through out the state - backed byi independant repair garages and auto parts stores lilke Auto Zone - to  pass legislation requiring the software to be publicly available at no cost. 

We have been suckers for too long, don't you think?  Why shouldn't you get and own the necessary software code to monitor and repair the car you (think) you own?   "F ree Enterprise" is the song we sing...but it's a phony song -- cuz "monopoly" is the way we do - and our federal congress and senate and Supreme Court back up the corporate citizen just about every time they can.

Money =1 Vote    not citizen = vote.  

Go Tribe!

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And what is the status in OHIO about the same vehicle software?

My dad recently replaced a motor in a 1988 Pick Up Truck... The fine tuning mechanics are computerized...but most auto repair shops that do provide "computer scans" including Parts stores like "AUTO Zone & ADVANCE AUTO PART....these places usually only have enough room on their expensive computer scans testers to hold so much info...thus they have "PERIODS OF SCAN INFO" which they are "Licensed & Registered" to use... At the one location I was referred to request a scan, the auto mechanic basically "EDUMACATED" me about how expensive it is to sustain the updates and how they have to choose which "YEARS" of info to cover....comical...

This specific shop noted that "MOST SHOPS" currently have the info for auto years 1996 to the present. So, vehicle models before 1996 cannot be scanned as they simply do not have the resources to support it. That's an excellent reason to scrap a vehicle these days. Then, you have these micro scanners that you buy for under a $100 to figure out what the problems are and they tell you general codes. You can go to the auto parts stores and get the parts from there.

It is a crock of crap.... It's 2011 and the auto industry is thriving off of us.... as usual...

LOBBY YOUR LOCAL OFFICIALS TO HAVE THIS INFO RELEASED WHEN YOU PURCHASE THE VEHICLES... So that when you need to conduct a repair; you may do so at an affordable rate... Not everyone can afford ASE Certified mechanics at the rate of approximately $65/hour to fix their cars.... Smiles.

The squeaky wheel gets the oil....


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