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  Pull the undercover low rider out of the cave and go cruising around Tremont after the sun goes down on just about any given night and "people watchin" takes on a whole new prospective. 

Through glass panes and into the dim lights of the many bars and nightclubs, one almost needs a role call roster to mark off the many County and City Hall Employees spotted either perched on a bar stool, tipping a martini glass or flying on the monkey bars.  Others have been espied staggering through crosswalks or holding on to the  "no parking signs" in search of the "pee house." 

Perhaps the recognized faces of the Mayor's cabinet and department officials patronizing the night scenes of these non-compliant and law-breaking establishments might well explain why there are no day visits to the commercial district from the Department of Building and Housing, Code Enforcers, City Inspectors, etc.

However, they make up for lost time by double timing it and throwing themselves into full steam by way of tagging the resident homeowners for their misfortune of not having enough to buy groceries, shoes for the kids and painting the house all from the same check.

If the inspectors come up short, they really mean business when it comes to the homeowner paying dues.  One inspector was espied on College Avenue, showing up accompanied by two power whackers, toting long pry bars in hand, and ready for business.

Parking on the opposite side of the fence, the lady inspector laggered behind while the thinner of the two musclemen tapped on the door of the partially fresh painted vacant house, jimmied the window, climbed in - opened the door, walked back out, closed the door, pulled the window back down,  and proceeded to knock harded a couple of times on the door again - as if to make a feeble attempt to a legal entry - and then  they went in.  As the inspector went through the door, she posted a white notice on the outside of the building.

Could this be called a "clean shoot."

Question is:  Who is protecting the non-compliant businesses in Tremont? Why is TWDC getting away with underhanded tactics and no consequences?  Who is pulling the strings behind the scenes of TWDC?  Why is there no accountability within the organization?  Why is Building and Housing coming down on resident homeowners and yet refuses to hand out even one violation to law breaking business establishments in Tremont?  WHO IS THE BOSS BEHIND THE MACHINATIONS?







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Wise up, Jerleen Justus

Joe Cimperman is ok with all of this. We know it. Why don't you?  He throws you a few bones and you stop barking at him, and go chasing after some other phantom. Wise up and stop being used by Cimperman. 

First of all orbit, you do

First of all orbit, you do know what making assumptions about anything does?  Second,  who says I'm chasing anything?  Third, I don't recall ever making a declaration as to who I did or did not vote for.  Fourth, I do believe that it is within our constitutional rights to vote for whom we damn well please and finally, I don't settle for bones.

My grandma always told me, "Sometimes if you stir the pot  too much, you will spoil the stew."  

Joe Cimperman

Joe Cimperman is in support of TWDC and the plans in Tremont. He is the most monied, connected Council member in the City of Cleveland. If he did not want TWDC to carry out their plans, it would not happen. I did not ask who you voted for, and don't know why you bring that up, but I did ask you to wise up and not be a fool. 

You think I should wise up -

You think I should wise up - what makes you think I'm unwise?  You refer to my chasing a phantom - no need for a chase when I can coax my prey into eating out of my hand.

As far as the voting matter, I just wanted it cleared up.  As of late, there've been several postings questioning my connections, slamming me for posting the positive things the Councilman has done and judging me for what some people are assuming.

As far as being a fool, well that remains to be seen - all in due time. 



A couple of other things I

A couple of other things I want to add just for clarity - while you are all nailing Councilman Cimperman to the cross, have any of you thought to ask why the Landmarks Commission did not stop the demolition of Frank's house, or the inspectors, or the Mayor, or Building and Housing Director Rybka, or Assit. Director O'Leary, or B & H Superintendant David Cooper, or TWDC Housing Committee headed up by Tim Jenkins, or the twenty individuals that gathered at a TWDC Housing Committee and voted in favor of demolishing Frank's house?  Any one of the above could have changed the course of events that took place.  Why is the Councilman the only one on everybody's shit list?

Clearly Orbit, some people's memory works better than others.  My grandma also used to tell me that mine was like a steel trap.

some memory freshening.... ms. jerleen

Do you think the city will

Do you think the city will allow you to park an RV there?  Personally I think it's a perfect spot for a nice little trailer.  Frank would have all the comforts of home.  He could build a porch and still have room for a yard and garden. 

Frank's house was demoed on Dec. 9 of last year and I do think that a fund raiser would be a really nice thing to do towards helping him get a new start.  Let me put my thinking cap on. 


Councilman Ciperman

 maybe a really rusted one would be ok. Ok, I am being cynical but I "foresee" sewer, water, sanitary issues in the future of any RV placed there. Houses are condemned for not having working electrical and water/sewer. Does anyone know the code for a non-construction trailer type of living? Would Councilman Ciperman have Frank's property excepted from the historic district? THAT is possible and it clearly states that a property can be excepted on the Landmark's Commission website. This would be a humane solution to the financial burden placed on an individual by the imposition of districting that is to preserve the brick and mortar of an area and makes it more likely that a house can be built, and of course to city code but without the restrictions of the historic district. 


Well, that shouldn't be a

Well, that shouldn't be a problem.  All you have to do is run some pipes and connect the RV to the water and sewer lines just like a house.  Same thing with wiring up for electricity.  RVs come with some type of sanitation disposal systems - otherwise they couldn't be used for cross country travel and  they can be plugged into electrical outlets or run off of batteries or generators.  Where there's a will there's a way. 


a will and a way

Let's find it.  


Norm, Deborah, Debra, I like

Norm, Deborah, Debra,

I like results.  I know if we decide that we want it to happen we can pull off a shebang and do something for Frank. 

I'm available for something - you ladies and gents let me know what and I'm in. 



I am up for this, I like simple low cost fundraising so that all funds raised go to the cause. I am not familiar with the tax foreclosure process. Does anyone know if the whole thing has to be paid, or will they take partial payments from the owners? I guess someone that knows Frank has to make sure that this is ok with him (small detail). It would be a shame to raise some funds and have it be too late or not accepted.

Also, maybe over the winter the quilting circle can make a justice quilt that we can auction off to raise some additional funds. 


My thoughts also.  i could

My thoughts also.  i could get Chuck to put something in the Plain Press for the Dec. Issue on a fundraiser for Frank.  lmiller might be the one to ask to see what the deadline is for paying the taxes.   What's wrong with his mother's house?  I see it boarded up.  Wouldn't that be a solution to fixing him a place to live? 


ask around

 Frank pops up every now and then.

I think a trailer would be PERfect!


A trailer would also be

A trailer would also be affordable and probably easier to raise funds for.

It also come complete with everything he would need.  Today Trailers come with all the amenities of home.  They come with fireplaces, and nice big tubs.  master baths, french doors, washer and dryers, hook 'em and put some really nice under - casing around the bottom and you're all laid out.



Hi Jerleen, I am working on

Hi Jerleen,

I am working on Frank's situation and trying to find out what needs to be done with the Board of Revisions to stop this.  I believe that they will take payments, according to Frank anyway.   I just got off the phone with Frank and he is most grateful for the fundraiser suggestion.  He desperately needs money to at least make a decent payment and then be put on a payment plan. 

Let's all keep in mind that Frank is homeless and has been for quite sometime.  Winter is going to be here soon.  The City of Cleveland Corrupt Building and Housing Department has been screwing with Frank since 1993 over this house.  At least two of the inspectors involved with Frank's house are now in prison convicted of taking bribes.  Tremont West never helped Frank with anything.  When I appeared in Housing Court with Frank a couple of years ago, one of the women from Tremont West was actually smirking and laughing at Frank.  Frank had a one million dollar bond for housing code violations.  Does this seem normal or fair to anyone?

I personally cleaned every square inch in Frank's house, so I know the condition of the entire home.  My nearly 11 years of working for Cleveland Housing Court, along with an ex-husband that was in housing construction and my love for older homes,  I think that my opinion of the condition of Frank's home is noteworthy.  Yes, he did have some housing violations like the majority of older homes, but the home was SOLID and had lots of beautiful woodwork and tile fireplaces.  Frank had an offer of $85,000 about two or three weeks prior to the demolition.  This was a historic home and should have never been demolished.  The Landmark Commission is supposed to preserve homes like these, but they only said," the property would continue to deteriorate if Frank continued to own this house."  Continue to deteriorate, but it was NOT deteriorated.  The houses across the street from Frank's, next to Grace Hospital, have been vacant and deteriorating for at least 20 years, but that's o.k.?   Frank was no longer living in his house, it was boarded up and all of the utilities were disconnected, just like the houses across the street, but it was still a danger?

Frank has been thrown in jail numerous times over this house.  According to Second District Police, they never had any trouble from Frank in the 20 some years that Frank owned this house.  They were NEVER called to Frank's house for any reason other than Building and Housing issues.  Frank and his dog was maced and one of the inspectors sprayed flea spray in the eyes of Frank's cat.

The City complained about the roof and Frank replaced it.  They complained about the paint on the house and Frank painted it.  They complained about the interior needing cleaning and he cleaned it.

I always thought of councilpersons as people that are elected to serve their ward.  They should assist all of their constituents, not just the ones with deep pockets.  In fact, they should assist people like Frank more than they do the business owners.   Same thing for Tremont West.   LAND STEALERS. Ride around this nasty city and see all of the vacant vandalized and truly blighted properties.  These are the houses that need demolition.  There are hundreds and hundreds of blighted properties that are magnets for criminals and unsafe.  Why are we wasting tax payer funds on tearing down historic owner occupied homes and making people homeless? Why is demolition so popular in Tremont?  Where did all of the old timers go?  Did the former owners go through similar situations?  

Frank asked the court and the city prosecutor to cc: me with all of the court filings, court dates, orders, etc., so that I can help him understand what was going on,  give him a ride to court, help him with the house, assist with court filings, etc., and they did for awhile.  They stopped notifying me shortly before the LandMarks Commission meeting and the actual demo.  I had no idea what was going on until days after the demo.  I took Frank to court many times and we tried to comply with everything that the court/city asked.

Corruption has taken over just about the entire city and county.   Everytime someone new is mentioned, charged or convicted, I hope and pray that the truth will come out about Frank's situation.  I have heard rumors and remain hopeful that they are true. 

Everyone, please consider teaming up to have Frank a fundraiser and putting an end to this continuing corruption.  We are supposed to look out for people like Frank. 




well put, lmiller

 thank you.


Tremont West is nothing but

Tremont West is nothing but the big bad wolf when it comes to taking people's "blighted" old homes.  By the way Debra, after a lot of bitchin' they finally took the word "blighted" out of the proposed changes to the Articles of Incorporation.  I guess they think we're supposed to be greatful that that small change. What happened to some of the other humanitarian services? 

A fool is a fool is a fool

Orbit, I can't help it, I feel that I need to reply to the "asking me to not be a fool part of your post.

We often think of a fool as being a silly or stupid individual - lacking judgment or sense.  A fool is also often thought of as one being tricked or deceived.

 I notice that in postings on NEO the Councilman is referred to as " Simpleton" 

Being that "Simpleton" is a synonym for fool.

How am I to take that, are we both silly and stupid or.......are we both being tricked and deceived? 



Dbra, my memory works very well.  I don't think that anything has changed.  My feelings are exactly the same.  I do believe that you requested that there be no comments on this subject and from what I can see, most people have honored that reguest.  I stand by everything I said.  As of late, I only respond to some of the comments I find amusing. 

It's my prerogative to ask questions?.......and, it's time to move on.

I fully support Frank, really hope that he gets the back up that he needs and the assistance he needs.  No where in any comment that I've ever made will you see me say anything otherwise. 




I see you're quickly learning to speak out of both sides of your


Would the demo and taking of Frank's property be justified, as you insinuate above?

I have never insinuated or

I have never insinuated or said that it was justified.  Again, I have never said anything in anyway against Frank Giglio.  I can't get much plainer than that.

I cannot change what happened to Frank, but I can try to fight to keep it from happening to anyone else. 

You gave me a floggin' in a private e-mail and then when I conceded and stepped aside, you still don't want to let it go.

I don't think any of this has anything to do with Frank Giglio.  Sounds like two sore tale cats in a room full of rocking chairs - and that's no place for me.  Now, if you ladies.....and gents have a bone to pick with Councilman Cimperman,  stop catterwalling' and have a go at - but I'm not in the ring.  That does not mean you can start making assumptions either. Maybe if you get  it out of your system the fog will lift and you'll be able to see the forest instead of the trees.



asking you not to reveal information told to you in confidence

 is NOT a flogging.

particularly when you are revealing it for no reason other than to blow up your own ego.

there. you had to push this to public.

and seriously - i'm so over done

 my fortune cookie had this to say tonight:

"Love in its essence is spiritual fire."

best of luck to you.

So far, I've been in

So far, I've been in Cimperman's pocket, talked out both sides of my mouth, and now have been on an ego trip - man you give me too much credit. 

As far as pushing it to the public, you think you get to make innuendos and assumptions without anybody at some point making a reply.

As far as any confidence, I broke no confidence.  Do you have any idea how many people told me the exact same things you did - some told me a lot more and it was not in confidence and  most of it was in public conversations. 

I will tell you there was one thing I did not know - and after I inquired and you provided me the answer, I still haven't let that slip - however, someone else who read the post you put out on NEO, told me the story and I didn't even have to ask.  So - this stuff is not all a big secret like you think it is. 

There are numerous newspaper articles, posts on the old Tremonter, notes,  TWDC Board and committee minutes, etc., that go back years on the history of Frank and what happened to his property. 

You made your point that you thought I was over stepping my bounds and so I respectfully stepped back, closed the file I had on Frank's property and moved on to another project where my efforts and abilities could be better utilized and were welcomed and I wish Frank all the  best.   

I will reiterate myself.  I saw a lot of people on NEO who were and are willing to help Frank and a lot of the suggestions and ideas sound like really good ones - ain't that what it's all about?


actually, Jerleen

 You have been so all over the map on this one. You changed terms and conditions so often that when you made it clear that it was your way or walk, I decided walking was a good thing. I don't know if it was sabotage or control issues on your part. I do not really care. Life is too short. You have made your self clear, and so has Debra.  I also do want to be clear as to where I stand.  This is about helping out a neighbor. That is why I started this, and this is how it will end. It is helping someone, and not expecting any sort of return other than leveling the playing field as much as possible. The end.

Debbie Webb 

 No, somehow, orbit and

 No, somehow, orbit and Cimperman got thrown in the turnip patch.

it doesn't matter

That had nothing to do with my point but it doesn't matter anymore. We all need to move on.  

If nobody got it, I moved on

If nobody got it, I moved on way back - you have nothing to base any such points on anyway.

I sent out the invitation to

I sent out the invitation to the fundraiser for Frank to my family and my daughter responded and said she would donate to help him pay off his property tax.  If we all tell someone that we know about what happened I am sure some of the people that we send the information to will also want to help. 

Just wanted you all to know that some people really do care and if we get the word out it could turn into a very good fundraiser. 

thanks, again

to everyone who is supportive. This will be fun. The music is by an old friend,who is donating his services to the cause, Gary Nelson ( who does acoustic guitar, folk and celtic. I hope that he will bring his fiddle.


I plan on stopping by

  I'll be the crazy woman with the sign that says "Stop the Tyranny."  I look forward to the event.  Thanks to all who put it together.  This Sunday.

Thanks to all of you - Frank has been a friend to many

 and his story speaks for itself. He is not a perfect person, but he is very kind and very righteous. I have always watched him try to do the right thing by other people and I respect that.

Now, I hope others can give back. Frank's home was comfort, fun, excitement and refuge to many over the years.

Hopefully, the extreme efforts of whoever it is that wants this property will be in vain. 

frank, friends & the fundraiser

 This fundraiser was a lot of fun. People came and went, donated, ate fantastic food, listened to music and signed up for future events. It was more than I had hoped for. The nicest thing for me was that I met Frank today. It as a pleasure to talk with him and know that he is being affirmed as part of the community. Frank was happy to see the outpouring of people that came to share their concern. A congressional staffer came on behalf of Congressman Kucinich to say that Kucinich had read coverage of this issue and is concerned about it. We will see how it goes; more to come. It is nice to know that while even in D.C., Kucinich is paying attention and is concerned about what is happening in his district.


Sorry I couldn't be there

I was there in spirit.  Hello Frank and friends.  best jeff   I have some thoughts about the demo cost, and the way the demo was done, first taking stuff out and putting it in a metal dumpster and a domestic goods dumpster.   Funny, then an excavator was used to crush the whole house into the basement. 

HoJo's demo

Carnegie Medical demo

What's the trend here?


please explain more about the dumpsters. what is a domestic goods dumpster? you can explain here or e-mail me. 

Also, who crushes houses into the basement these days? that stopped long ago (supposedly)? 

Does anyone know the name of the contractor for the demo?

C & J Contractors, Inc. 

C & J Contractors, Inc.  Phone No.  (216) 391-5700


Domestic dumpster

First, I don't mean to imply that the crushed house was left in the  basement and covered with dirt.  I assume that the crushed house was removed from the basement, and the basement hole backfilled with fill.   (I don't know this - this is my assumption)  

My comments about metal and domestic dumpsters being first filled by hand labor was intended to contrast with the whole house smashing....why take the labor and time to hand fill dumpsters first?

Maybe someone got photos of what was in the two dumpsters at Frank's, one dumpster dropped on the RH side driveway had the metal in it (kitchen stove, metal chairs, etc) , and another on the LH side of the house had boxes of books, a teddy bear (no kidding), clothing, etc.

B & B Wrecking didn't take any time to clear out the furniture from the Carnegie Medical Building.  B&B just went directly to smashing the building down.   The Cleveland Clinic owns the CMB.

In the Hojo's demo B & B used a technique similar to what was used at Frank's house.   Go into the building with small equipment and labor and clean out the insides, then use the wrecking ball on the entire structure.

Frank's demo and the Hojo's demo were done the slow way - and they were both City of Cleveland jobs.

The Cleveland Clinic job was done the fast way, and it was a private job.





Speedy demo

  Crushing the whole structure into the, that explains the mystery demo on 2317 or 2319 Willowdale in Brooklyn Centre. 

House was there one day, gone the next...plowed over and seeded over, too.  I have asked repeatedly...who is getting this demo work?? 


I just remembered that the Giglio demo is on youtube, but I don't get the purpose of a domestic goods dumpster. 

demolishing old structures

into basements in very bad for the environment, think lead. The area sinks, and has to be excavated, releasing all that lead. It is not feasible to build over such areas, as this method of demo gives an unstable ground. We have many examples of this all over Cleveland, and this practice was to be stopped years ago, and clean fill dirt was to be placed in the basement up to ground level.

another view of Frank's house







If you live in the Cleveland, Ohio, area and are interested in historic buildings, you almost certainly are aware of the historic house, built in 1903, in the local Tremont Historic District that was demolished, last month, by the City, against the owner's wishes. This event ignited a firestorm of controversy. This posting represents this blog's perspective on the matter. It seems there was a pronounced difference of opinion as to whether or not this house was in the sort of physical condition that could 'necessitate' demolition. But, it seems the more important topic is whether or not this building was demolished because the City's Building Department personally disliked the owner. It is an absolute fact that there are seemingly countless buildings, all around the city, that are in far worse condition than this house could have been considered by anyone -- buildings that have been that way for far longer -- and, somehow, this particular house's fate was seemingly "rushed". The Building Department has had several "run-ins" with the owner over the past several years. "Politics", indeed. It is nigh time that the long-standing 'methodology' in Cleveland -- a Building Code that isn't enforced, followed by easily 'enforced' demolitions -- needs to end. Sometimes it seems like there is more vacant lots in Cleveland than there are ones with buildings on them, and it sure seems like the City is pretty damn comfortable with that. [NOTE: The image accompanying this post is a Board Of Zoning Appeals photo, taken in 1981, of this just-demolished house, courtesy of the Cleveland Public Library's Photo Collection. The house still had its front-porch, at this time, as you see.]




The Altarboys...

Crazy wild ass speculation. Okay--as Lee Batdorf said--all we can do as residents, since we get no answers from public officials and and no investigation by the PD--here's my theory on demos in commercial corridors.    (ADD mystery fires and speedy demos to the arsenal...we have seen enough of these in commercial corridors, too....RIP Lancer's Restaurant--didn't take the Clinic's offer??  Now you will.)

MY Wild Ass Speculation??? Politicians and developers are working here in collusion for the land across Grace Hospital (to be a Wellness Center) to install a DRUG STORE.

The pattern has happened over and over and over ad nauseum....look at the track record throughout the City of Cleveland.  This is big money.  Recently, a house was demolished in a historic district here in Brooklyn Centre next to Steel Valley Credit Union.  The selective code enforcement and demolition crews worked fast here, too.   The CVS in the Coral Group plaza was abuzz with rumors of imminent closing, because of the drug store shuffle that occurred in Santiago's ward with Walgreen's.   More demos on the fly across from Metro hospital...for a plaza (with another drug store?).  Will politicians find a way to silence the gray-haired ladies....?

Now, go to the intersection of Fulton and Clark....Rite Aid vs. Walgreens!  The deal was to put a drug store at the strategic Pearl/Denison intersection--currently the location of  the Steel Valley Credit Union and Sal's Dinner are in Brooklyn Centre --conveniently down the street from the new NRP subsidized senior housing. 

Head up the street...Memphis/Pearl/Broadview and State --notice anything in Ward 15 formerly counciled by Rokakis/Gordon/Lipovan...and now, for the time being, Brian Cummins??  Right across from the Wellness Center??  Rokakis' family benefited from the demolition of the Glen Restaurant where CVS now occupies the prominent Pearl/Memphis intersection.  Down the street you will find a Walgreens and down Broadview--a Rite Aid. doesn't end in these west side wards!.  The Diocese tears down properties for drug stores, too! 

The altar boys....strike again.

Laura, Have you figured out


Have you figured out yet why they built one perfectly good drug store on Clark (Walgreen's) and then built another one and left that one empty?   To me that was one really idiotic idea.  Talk about wasting money. 


I give up Jerleen...this is the shit we live with in NEO...the Innerbelt will be moved west, so Frank Giglio's property will become very, very valuable and will increase in size as the Inner Belt moves west-- the houses on Fairfield Ave (to the west of the existing Innerbelt) are demolished...

Let's see--Tony Coyne (Planning Commission) and his friends stand to gain 4.5 million on the cold storage deal after forcing Fred Finley into bankruptcy and selling off his building at sheriff sale for $66,667....How much do you suppose Frank Giglio's property will be worth then?