Massive Fireball Over Japan! Drop & Take Cover Warn US Doctors! - video - Why are US medical doctors suddenly warning us

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A massive fireball/meteor was seen over Japan and captured on video as seen below. Is this more Comet ISON debris If not, why have there been so many fireballs seen around the world recently?

In a strange and totally related story, medical doctors in America have warned emergency first responders that if they ever see a bright light in the sky, to immediately ‘drop and take cover’ as it may save their lives. Why are US medical doctors suddenly warning us to ‘drop and take cover’ over meteors? Do they know something that the rest of us don’t know?

At the time of the Emergency Management Agency of Utah (UEMA) conference on Jan 9, 2014, Physicians for Civil Defense issued the following statement: 

All Americans, starting with first responders and emergency managers, need to know this basic life-saving principle: “Drop and cover if you see a sudden very bright light.”

Such a light will be followed by a deadly shock wave within seconds. Those who drop and cover will probably survive. Those who do not are likely to be killed or suffer severe injury. 

“Large meteor strikes are sufficiently probable that both the U.S. and Russia are working on ways to divert them. In 1908 a meteor strike flattened 800 square miles of Siberian forest,” stated president Jane M. Orient, M.D.



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