Massive Tunnels Being Built Right Now Under A City Near You (cleveland has 7 or more tunnels - EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL, elite, etc. ?

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8 Massive Tunnels Being Built Right Now Under A City Near YouCleveland - A TBM named Mackenzie finished her job at the Euclid Creek Tunnel in 2013, digging a three-mile tunnel along the shoreline of Lake Erie. It's one of seven tunnels that are part of Project Clean Lake, which will help mitigate pollution in local waterways by storing up to 60.5 million gallons of stormwater and wastewater. The 25-year, $3 billion project will help bring the city in compliance with the Clean Water Act. It should be completed by 2035.




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Tunnels - most expensive "storage solution" to water pollution

 Billions of dollars are sunk into boring miles of tunnels while above ground communities in the Cuyahoga watershed allow leaf blowers, lawns, free curbside pick up of organics and building w/o storm water retention....doesn't make any sense.

The first place to "store" precipitation should be in the duff - the naturally occuring organic layer on top of inorganic soil.

While NEO landowners are taxed for billions of dollars to build and maintain underground tunnel surge chambers to store stormwater and keep our sewer treatment plants from being overwhelmed during precipitation events - at the same time NEO landowners are simultaneously taxed/hire "landscapers"  to have their yards sterilized of water absorbing leaf "litter".

Consider that in a wooded area which has not been disturbed for, say, 100 years the 6 to 12 inch deep accummulation of organic duff can hold 7 inches of rain falling over 24 hrs without any run off. 

Here is a pdf study of rainfall held by duff or you can just get a mole for a billion.

In Seattle they also mole - is Seattle's bore for water supply or stormwater detention?