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An Initiative Review & Comment Period

The Ohio Medical Cannabis Act of 2012

During this review and comment period, before we file it with the state, we ask you all to please read our initiative and Contact Us with your thoughts and suggestions.

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As I posted on Facebook about this - "TAKE PERSONAL LIBERTY AND FREEDOM IN OHIO SERIOUSLY FOR A CHANGE - get reading - get commenting - get volunteering - get activist!"

And - worth reading a PD commentary on Ohio and the nation's flawed MMJ policies, and the need for change - Medical marijuana for Ohio? editorial - SHOWING THE PD'S CONTINUED SUPPORT FOR MMJ IN OHIO - PROPS FOR A CHANGE - which points out... "this spring, federal prosecutors from Maine to Washington began sending letters to state officials, warning that anyone involved in supplying marijuana to authorized patients could be subject to prosecution."

In other words, as freedom-loving states are using their STATE-rights to help sick people get medicine, Obama is escalating the life-sucking, deficit-bloating, racist, hater, gay-bashing FEDERAL war against medical marijuana... leading me to post to my Facebook link to this...

If he isn't for MMJ, He isn't for Gays. Obama hates Gays.

So does Strickland... go Ohio Democrats!

It also appears Obama hates blacks, from his drug war and prison record since President. Self-loathing?

Obama is so unelectable and wrong on this issue and on industrial hemp I wonder if he isn't committing political suicide on purpose?!?! Dear President Obama, I Don't Know Where You Are From, But In America The Earth Is Round, And Hemp Grows Here by God!

Anyone still willing to call themselves a Democrat in Ohio would be wise to contact your Democratic mob bosses or whoever is in charge there these days and tell them to wake up their slumbering Democratic Made Men and Women in DC and get over to the White House and get the President off Facebook long enough to learn about hemp, MMJ, the realities of people with AIDS and of color and get him to see the light... or seriously considering switching parties while the lights of Democracy are still on at all in America.

Obama's MMJ and hemp policies are insane!

Strickland's too!

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