Mutant Fish speaks with Radio Creature

Submitted by Lee Batdorff on Tue, 03/29/2011 - 22:17.

  A mural painted on a garage wall in 1978 is visible during the brief days of warming weather until the buds start popping from tree branches and obscure this view from the top deck of the Coventry Village parking facility. This weather worn mural is seen through the branches and trunks of the Rock Court woods.

The artist was the late Bruce Bandzuch, who signed his work Fred Mertz. We usually called him Mertz, or Fred. He rented the garage and installed a welding studio with a wood burning stove. The two  creatures were characters from his Eskimo King comics about a post-apocalyptic Cleveland of the future. When parting, Mertz sometimes told you, “Good luck in the future.” He passed away in May 1997 while fishing outside Placitas New Mexico in the Cibolo National Forest in the Sandia Mountains.

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Finding Mutant Fish speaks with Radio Creature

As you drive up onto the open top deck of the Coventry Village parking facility, directly to the north the mural  "Mutant Fish speaks with Radio Creature" can be seen.

If you are walking, enter the Coventry Village parking facility through the front doors, near the crosswalk and traffic signal in the center of Coventry Village. Climb the stairs or take Coventry Village's version of a S.F. cable car, the Coventry Village parking facility elevator, (with see through cabin). (On your ride up, make sure you stand in the right hand corner as you enter the elevator. Then you'll have a good view of most central Coventry Village while you ride up in the see-through shaft.)

After you exit the elevator and stairwell, cross the top deck straight east, all the way to the far east wall under the open sky. Then look north.