No More Trucks on Residential Clark Avenue in Tremont

Submitted by RAG on Sun, 10/04/2009 - 20:41.

Resident Advocacy Group - Tremont

Scranton Road / Clark Avenue / W. 14th Street

Photos, Videos and Information!

Residents nearly run down in crosswalk on Clark Avenue!

Hazardous materials trucked through residential areas and school zones.

Traffic Solutions: Read the petition outlining our traffic solutions and where signage is needed to direct Steelyard mall and truck traffic to 176-S at Steelyard Drive and Jennings Rd. Go to the Traffic page for a more in depth look at signage. A freeway interchange was built specifically for mall and truck traffic and there are no signs to direct traffic to it.  NO TRUCKS ON CLARK AVENUE! The petition is now being circulated. To sign, send us your address and someone will come to your house.  

Cars run red light 12 times in 30 minutes at Clark and W.16th.

Watch Garbage Truck run red light.



If you been following any of

If you been following any of the West 14th Street Round-about stories and the Plain Press articles - especially the October issue which only carried a short portion of the August 31, 2009 accident coverage, you know that residents have been tryig for some time to get some type of assistance in signage, traffic and speed regulators put in that area.

There have been two public meetings held up stairs at Post 58 on Professor Avenue and another is scheduled for October 13, 2009, to discuss matters of safety concerns such as safety, signage and speed control in Tremont.  City of Cleveland Traffic Engineer Commissioner Rob Mavec is expected to be present to further discuss and provide answers to some of these questions as well as a progress report on the signage replacement project to date.

I think that this would be a meeting you would find of interest to attend.  It is open to the public.   This might be a meeting to bring Ed Gallek along.

trucks on clark

Did anyone go to the 10/13/09 meeting where the traffic engineer commissioner was expected to attend? What was the outcome?