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"Private" Meeting on September 15, 2009 - Recreational "Sub-Committee"

Monday, September 14, 2009 5:14 PM
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David and All Others
First of all, there is a misunderstanding that Larry Cornett invited me to this so called "private" meeting scheduled for tomorrow.  He did not.  As I recall and have it on audio recording, the sub committee was created and a meeting was announced at the September LRP meeting for everyone to hear. 
Second, I believe that I have been working with Mr. Cornett and Councilman Cimperman long before he ever attended a Long Range Planning Commitee (which by the way was at my invitation) and long after The Old South Side Community Coalition agreed to support him in this endeavor.
Third, we have been promoting this project in the Plain Press and it has been my hope to continue with positive follow up reports as they progress.
As I recall, at the August LRP meeting, the question was ask if anyone wanted to work on the committee with Mr. Cornett?  I also recall my saying that I could not give it my full attention but that I would support Larry.
Now, through the grape vine, I hear that there was an "invite only" list that went out to a number of individuals who might have an interest in this project.  Of course, I was not on this list.  It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out why.  Now since I was in on this project from early on, since I was in on setting up the meeting betweent Larry and the Councilman, since I was in on getting the residents behind Mr. Cornett and since I am in constant contact with Mr. Cornett in traveling throughout the city and documenting the much needed information for this project, would it not make sense that I be in on this inportant meeting?
Based on my own personal efforts, time, expense,  amount of research and dedication put into this project not to mention Mr. Cornett's, as well as making it a priority to expand this much needed family oriented youth recreational program throughout the Tremont Community, I find that to disband the possibility of a committee at this point is one of the most sapheaded, debilitating moves of all time just because you thought somebody might bring somebody out of the hush hush line.
I don't give a dam about personality conflicts.  This is an important issue and we as adults should be able to sit down at a table and talk about what is best for the kids of the neighborhood.  No wonder they act like they do - look who they are imitating. 
Private, what the hell is private?  This is a community organization and as a member of this community, I intend to be present at this meeting.  I have a vested interest on several levels and since I plan to be very involved in ths project, I want to meet the players.
Another point you might want to think about.  You had plenty to say about my affiliation with the Plain Press and the stories I write in regard to the Long Range Planning Committee, well, think about what a splash this will make and what the head lines might read as I snap pictures of you all not allowing me to be present at a TWDC meeting for the good of the community?  Now you all smoke on that one for awhile. 
Get over some of this shit and move on.  Larry did not invite me but what if he had?  I did discuss the matter with him and he did say that if I was present he would like to have me there.   Talk about social equality.
Now, if this is another nail in my coffin, just hold it and I'll bring the hammer.
Jerleen Justus
Tremont West Member/Long Time Resident


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head cam

Jerleen, wear your head cam. 

Yea, sounds like a great

Yea, sounds like a great idea.  How do I do that and make it live for NEO?  Somebody tell me where in the whole gosh dang world is there a place such as Tremont - Cleveland, Ohio - and with an organization like Tremont West Development Corp.

This one is clearly the silliest game of all games that I have seen played yet. Just some facts so that everybody out there will know what is going on.

Larry Cornett has been doing some reasearch for about three years or so on getting some outdoor recreation facilities for youths near the Tremont Pointe Housing Development.   He is also interested in creating some type of pocket parks for all residents to enjoy by way of picnic areas, grills, etc.  The kids in our community have nothing in close proximity of their homes to enjoy and we want to make this a reality.

When the Old South Side Community Coalitation was founded Larry approached us and ask to be put on the agenda to discuss his idea.  After hearing about his project, we thought he was on to something - we agreed to support him.  I started helping him by way of making phone calls, putting him in contact with certain people, linning him up with a number of contacts including setting up an introduction and meeting between him and Councilman Cimperman.  We met, laid out Larry's proposal and dsicussed funding, locations, safety issues, surveys, etc.

Larry atempted to take his proposal to other block clubs but was met with personal attacks by Sammy Catania, calling him a racists, a fascist, and a trouble maker.  When larry tried to go door to door through Tremont Point, the police were called saying he was a preditor.  We finally managed to get a number of signatures and I invited larry to appear before the TWDC Long Range Planning Committee - which occurred in August, after presenting his proposal, it was suggested that Larry head up a recreational sub-committee.  In the meantime, we have been out all over the city documenting info and statistics that will be needed when we go looking for funding.

It was decided that September 15 would be the meeting date for the sub-committee and it was annunced at the Sept. LRP meeting.  However, a couple of days later a "private" invite list went out to a select group of important people, Larry Cornett, a couple of board members and Councilman Cimperman.  Now, even though I have been involved with this project from the onset, present at each and every meeting, have been all over town documenting info, spent hours talking to different people about this project, and was present when the date for this meeting was announced,  I was the one individual that did not get an invite to this very important meeting.

Word got out that i planned to appear and all hell broke loose - a big stink was made that it was strictly by invite only.  To quote Councilman Cimperman today, "this is the one project that can tie this community together and I want to see it succeed."


what cimperman doesn't get

 (and apparently the rest of TWDC) is that if they want to "tie the community together" - they need the participation of the while community.


"the devil made me do it"

No pun intended.

but this morining I awoke to an invite to this afternoon's meeting from Sammy Catania which read.  "Jerleen your're invited - there's room."  You could just feel the love.

Larry Cornett's friend that lives across the hall, Mr. Pinkerton, which I was taking anyway, also got an invite by way of, "Claude, you can bring your room mate...there's room."

There is another committee meeting scheduled for October 5, for the recreatonal facilities at the Jefferson Library and everybody can come to get this project off the ground.