Observations from Baltimore - Stoops2- in a series

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Wed, 10/07/2009 - 20:16.

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Cleveland's Forest City Corporation's Science and Technology Group is the developer for the eminent domain demolished area to the north of Johns Hopkins.

These children are playing on a stoop of one of the vacant rowhouses on the edge of the Mason Dixon line.

Is this important?

What does it mean that for-profit corporations are re-designing our poverty stricken, coal poisoned, lead impregnated neighborhoods across the county?


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Beautiful photo

  Do these kids FEEL angry?  I doubt it. Beautiful photo, JB.

Chances are they will reminsce about their great days growing up in the 'hood, just like suburbanites do when they visit the Brooklyn Branch library. The happiest days of my life...not an uncommon thing to hear from people supposedly subjected to abject poverty.

Forest City is evil...

It is a beautiful photo. 

It is a beautiful photo.  What I see is children having a good time playing and being together.  Nothing sad about this photo at all.  These children look happy. 

Forest City demo

  Baltimore seems to be subjected to the same social engineering we have here in Cleveland marketed under the heading Opportunity Corridor and SII.  It's not just a crime, it's a sin.