Opportunity Corridor for shopping cart folks in Cleveland, Ohio, USA- or you could get a TIF!

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sun, 11/10/2013 - 19:24.

Mitchell Schneider is getting a 5 million dollar bond TIF from Cuyahoga County taxpayers for Mitchell's Burlington Coat Factory at Mr. Schneider's Steelyard Commons.

Makes sense to me.   Lot's of sense. 

Homeless parking meters downtown.  Such a cool move from the Downtown Cleveland Alliance.

And county TIFS for Mr. Schneider.

The OPPORTUNITY CORRIDOR for the basket man on Euclid or Chester in the image above.

I love Cleveland.  So REAL!




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It's all GOOD! - Cleveland makes the national news on NPR

 Positively Cleveland, Cleveland+, the Downtown Cleveland Alliance, and The Greater Cleveland Partnership, and Mayor Jackson can breathe easier....The word is getting out about OPPORTUNITY in Cleveland, Ohio.   

Opportunity from the residual scrap metals in Cleveland's 80,000 vacant structures.   Here's the link to NPR's scrap story.  Wonder what led NPR to this story.....

Shopping cart scrap income  is an honest sign of Cleveland's personalized trickle down economy, just as putting  120 million of taxpayer's cash into upgrading Jimmy Haslam's Brown's Stadium will trickle down from billionaire Jimmy!