School Rebuilding scam

Submitted by mabeldog on Sat, 05/26/2012 - 14:33.

 Orchard School "of Science" was to be RENOVATED according to the Master Facility Plan. Without asking anyone's permission, like for example THE TAXPAYERS, it was torn down instead. On the plan page devoted to this school, in a glaringly different typeface, without bothering to delete the word "renovated" from the top of the page on the original plan, the school will "open NEW in 2012". Unless it will be opening in transformational tents this is unlikely since the lot sits empty as of today May 26, 2012. The "Core Team" includes Joe Santiago "council Member". Thousands of people doing the work of hundreds at the Cleveland Schools Headquarters don't bother to correct mistakes or justify massive changes to the original waste of money plan because they assume no one will check up on them and their "work".

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Orchard @Halle

Kids from Orchard were relocated to Halle and there are no plans to rebuild this school, now--Frank Jackson and his brother Nick (in obscene $$$ administrator, useless, puppet position at CMSD) have no shame.

Amazing!!! Are those kids

Amazing!!! Are those kids staying at Halle forever?? That whimsical metal fence adorning the vacant lot at Orchard will soon be stolen under cover of darkness by enterprising scrappers


CMSD bond funds

Orchard and Dumbar were to be built using the last of the bond money from the last capital improvement levy that was passed in Cleveland. Of course, Dunbar was demo'd right after several million dollars were spent in upgrades...but what the hell, easy come, easy go.

The major hitch with the bond money is that it can only be spent on bricks and mortar, and there has to be a state match to fund the building of these two schools.

So the money is gone now??

So the money is gone now?? After completing only 33 schools and only FOUR segments out of TEN??!! Oh well as you say easy come easy go and who cares really...certainly not the school rebuilding mob. It's not their money and their boyz are handsomely paid from top brass down to the demolishers . And out of the 33 shiny new or expensively remodeled schools, 22 are in Academic Watch or Academic Emergency. Not bad...only 66% of the new schools are failing! Think what they can do with another new plan and lots and lots more of our tax money with a new levy! VOTE NO in November

bond money

I don't know that the bond money is gone. Prior to the demolition, the state said clearly that the state money was running out (the state money is needed to go with the bond money). After spending millions to upgrade, Saunders went ahead with the demo of Dunbar and Orchard. People are still being told that Dunbar construction will start soon but that has been the story for a while.

Common sense that in declining enrollments, severe cutbacks in teachers, and a levy that is likely to fail, that at least one of these two will not be built. They are less than a mile apart.