Orgasmic Molestation of Child's Body, Mind and Soul.

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When a child is raped or molested...for years....they may blame themselves. They often times have orgasms that don't make logical sense---"If it was wrong for an adult to molest me or if I was being abused--then how come it felt good?" The brain can twitch on this subject matter. This must be addressed. Counseling, intensive treatment, and lots of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE to the children. Let her know that she's loved in a HEALTHY LOVE! This is just the beginning of years of therapy needed to make her let go of the anguish developed inside and much more.

Have her look in the mirror and say " I AM (First and last name). I am beautiful." Watch her crumble. Make her believe in herself, love herself, and understand that she is not wrong for whatever an adult perpetrated upon her childhood. Stand by her and do not allow her to self-destruct from the humiliation of such horrible crimes upon her life. Let her know again and again that she is not alone and that she is beautiful....for the world learning about her victimization makes the shame come out one hundred fold.....if you thought the victimization was bad----------------------------the recovery and twisted ways the victims perceive such "LOVE" is destructive..... it can make them suicidal, internalize, and feel ugly. Victims often feel guilty for the victimization. They feel grief and confusion far beyond your wildest dreams. They often feel like the spotlight is on them and that EVERYONE can see what they went through. They feel ranges of emotions that are so extensive that they bottleneck, explode, hide their emotions, and then they may even act out.

May the grace of God, mentorship, love, and patience embrace the person met with mitigating the needs of these children. May the community at large rise to the occassion of smiling without judgment, hugging these kids, and reminding them daily of their very own self worth in a world gone amuck.

This case will not be about money and immediate needs when it's over---it'll be about rebuilding the brains of children who've been tainted by such hanous crimes. Their brains have been programmed by a devil....Now help to be a part of the deprogramming, the rebuilding, and recovery process to filter out the bad and save the good. They will be strong, amazing adults once the people in their worlds stand by them and let them know how loved they are in such a society. Rebuild the hope...their dreams....and their dignity with respect.

BTW: Let's unite to get Colorful TSHIRTS that unite us all in support of this criminal getting put away for abusing her...when the days in court come---lets stand behind her in that room with a quiet network of united people who make a stand with her....reminding her that she has an army of love, support and respect despite her challenges. Let's COURT WATCH this case and send our letters to the judge. Let's not allow her to live through the victimization alone when she has to testify. Let's let her know that she is gonna get through this entire ordeal and that time will heal her soul.....and that we are with her in spirit....and in person.

We all need to stick by her.............until the day when she can look in that mirror without crumbling and proudly introduce herself to the world around her without feeling all those horrible feelings that go hand in hand with such a tragic experience. There will be a day when she controls the PTSD and heals and doesn't feel the range of emotions---but first she has to be taught to CLOSE the WINDOW in her mind where the perpetrator has her brainwashed, living in fear, and not enjoying her moments in life.

There is a LONG ROAD AHEAD. Hard days of deep emotions.......................but she is a survivor---if we remain steadfast.....until then---she's a victim in need of lots of love.....


All the best..>>DLH.

Laura---Jeff posted to front page. I just added my comment. Blessings.

Sadly, a great deal of adults still live in the closet regarding being victimized and sharing a story like this....exploitation might be a great word to associate with the privacy of the people in this situation....but at the end of the day---Some old school adults would prefer that we begin shaming, guilting, and hiding them because of the way the world looks at sexual abuse survivors. It is often the beginning of creating more issues regarding sexual abuse.

Yes---the sad fact remains that sexual abuse and molestation continues to happen every day...and in my opinion----only monsters -who don't understand the consequences -want to hide it....cover it up...pretend like it never happens....and undermine the deep dark truths associated with the forces of nature that were violated by perps.

This family doesn't need to be shamed from telling the truth by idiots. God Bless their courage to share their story. God Bless them for asking for help instead of sweeping the ugly under the rug. God Bless them again and again.... and never let them be made to feel less than good about their today's and tomorrows....but especially from the demons of their pasts.

Hush, hush...let's just keep scaring victims into keeping the secrets until they explode.....NOT!!!!! It's these kind of pathetic adults who perpetuate the endless exploitation of sex abuse victims into's unhealthy to keep such secrets. That victim has eaten enough crap....and it's their time to regurgitate the nastiness---not to eat some more crap. It's time to begin healing...

....."In general, studies have found that children need support and stress-reducing resources after disclosure of sexual abuse.[96][97] Negative social reactions to disclosure have been found to be harmful to the survivor’s well being.[98]" "


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

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Molested kids

This behavior never goes away and it affects everyone regardless of their financial status.  We all know someone affected by this behavior.  It is a cycle of abuse with the victim, often becoming a victimizer, too.  My sister worked with kids who had been abused at an early age and eventually had to quit.  The conflicting emotions and the messed up concept of affection can become hard-wired.  It's a sad, sad way to mess up our society.

Cleveland rape crisis,,,,

Rape at home  

rape at schools

rape at church

rape at work

rape on streets

raped by teachers

raped by polticians

raped at home

rape crisis never ends,

how do we stop it?

always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"