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It didn’t even take a day for the Pee Dee to setup the next pillage and plunder of Cleveland.

Listen to what the Pee Dee said editorially the day after the casino issue, strongly backed by the paper, had to say about the use of its tax revenue:

“So consider this idea, which is already germinating among downtown boosters (read: looters): Divert some of the new property taxes the casino will pay – from the city’s share, not the school district’s – to complete the Towpath Trail and Canal Basin  Park, to redesign Public Square and to add pocket parks, waterfront access and other residential enhancements.”


Forget about Imperial Avenue. Forget about all the Cleveland Imperial Avenues.

Let’s spend a few more million on a bike path and redo Public Square. Again.


Just read the intention of this proposal. You will see a community looting being pushed by the Pee Dee.


This is what the Pee Dee – acting as front for the Greater Cleveland Partnership and its corporate thugs – wants to do with any revenue that might come to the city from the casino. Disgusting.


Can you believe it?


How insensitive is that on the day following the discovery of multi-murders and a city police force and government that allowed what happened on Imperial Avenue to happen. As the bodies are being ushered out.


Ms. Goldberg and the editorial staff of the Pee Dee, have you no shame?


To whom do you owe allegiance – certainly not to the people of Cleveland? Certainly not to those in dire need.


Here you are already spending tax dollars, the result of a sickening monopoly casino, on the trinkets you want for downtown.


My God, when does it stop?


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Who would want to send their kid to Case now

From a completely self serving perspective, as is clearly the case at the PD, a casino and 1,000s of additional visitors to Cleveland a week may equal some increased newspaper sales - especialy to overnight guests - and some increased advertising revenues, from the gambling side of the house. But, I think, just as with the guests, the PD will be a loser with casinos, as the overall effective regional economy will shrink, as the region is now less desirable to all but those seeking convenient casino gambling and such trite window dressing as Gilbertland.

Who would want to send their kid to Case now, for example.

Goldberg has made the PD into a low class, unlawful product - NEO into a low class, unlawful region. I now expect the worst from the PD, Goldberg and Egger, each day.

I want to see an investigation of any past personal relationships between Gilbert and Goldberg - I didn't realize they have history. That should have been disclosed.

As for the Towpath - Ed Hauser is spinning.

Disrupt IT

I think a lot of Cummins

I think a lot of Cummins' supporters are pro towpath and other "green agendas".  I am not against building a nice community but I agree that the basics need to be taken care of first before adding the frills. 

Personally, from my perspective, I would rather see new sidewalks on Fulton Rd., trimming of bushes that extend onto public sidewalks, and trash clean-up around public areas, such as the Boys and Girls Club, Lincoln High School, and other public areas in my ward, before tow path trails are built. 

I am sure the areas around Imperial Avenue have similar needs. 

Greenwash Cons

It is nice to have citizens speak up - the Towpath trail is another SII greenwash con

Public Square is private property

Disrupt IT

The problem is that some

The problem is that some citizens think that adding frills will solve the problems by making the areas that are more visible to outsiders look nice and pretty while ignoring the real problems.  Someone wrote previously about smoke and mirrors.  Citizens are so easily fooled by fancy talk and clever ads.