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Well, Guy won't find any minute listening devices inside this pillow but maybe it  will serve as a small reminder that he and Yogi are two of Tremont's shinning stars.  

Whether they took your pillows or not Guy,  here's one you'll remember.  It's a tribute to your run for the TWDC Board last year and the story we got out in the December issue of the Plain Press.   

Jeff, I was unsuccessful in posting with the proper topic - so maybe I did follow instruction very well.

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Maybe my "instructions" leave something or other out.

Sorry, I will go through them tomorrow and see if I missed one (or more) steps.  

Anyway, now I'm sure I heard Guy and Yogi doing "undercover" pillow talk!

I don't know, I thought that

I don't know, I thought that maybe the "Arch Enemy" took his pillows and so I was trying to do a good deed. 

does anyone know

does anyone know if Guy's can really had items stolen from it on 11/11 at Zion? We have a number of events there and if there is a problem, it would be helpful to know about it.

dwebb had pillows before zion after zion no pillows

dwebb had pillows before zion after zion no pillows-

as jerleen states the 'arch enemy' does stuff to make us pariniod like we can get into your car or home  etc. any time we want to - and stuff like pillows are stolen and nothing else or at times something is left that wasn't before - after about 40 years of this stuff sometimes one catches them on video etc.-

so the 2 pillows 1 large that i sat on at the park and the other was for my back on a chair-

so one - i file a police report every time-

so when great jerleen post hers 2 pillows rather that get cliinaclly pariniod towards jerleen i have fun with it and laughter drives the worst of the low life spirits away and jerleen comes with her great pillow for us and now jerleen will have businees to make money of donate pillows for personal use or a cause so the so called adversery - is defeated with rightous good-

"because the more we wrestle with socalled evil the more it wins and the only way to combate evil is to do rightous good"- (i-ching)

yogi and guy http://www.nationalwardogsmonument.org/

It was all about fun.  Jeff

It was all about fun.  Jeff posted his beautiful photo of the deer just as I was finishing the pillows (with deer on them) for my two uncles).  I thought it was cute.  Then Guy post that at the meeting somebody took his "pillows" from his car.  I got a brain storm and thought I could use his picture of him and Yogi to make him a cute gift for no other reason than for Guy to get a kick out of. 

Whether somebody actually took his pillows or whether he was just foolin' around, I don't know, I had a blast designing this small token of friendship and  it was made out of my scrap basket -  took only a couple hours of my time and it has memorial value for Guy.

I am really hoping that no one actually went into his car but if they did, he is fortunate that pillows are all they took.