The Place for Grad Students to Prosper : Cleveland Scores Yet Again

Submitted by Sudhir Kade on Tue, 05/12/2009 - 19:34.

I've written for some time about the importance of Education as the most fundamental need for our region.  Specifically, we need our programs to be intergenerational, experiential, and service-based.   More heartening news comes down the news wire just recently, reported on MSN Careers and local   We are a fabulous find for graduate students from elsewhere, and great gravity field for grads locally.  What better to resolve the brain drain, brain gain conundrum:

than developments like this

Cleveland continues to evolve, in rapid fashion.  Raising awareness via our media - social, virtual, and otherwise remains paramount at this stage.   A great start, to say the least.

We should also be aware of the opportunities for re-education and career advancement for older NEO residents.  Adult education programs are developing nicely as well, with nice funding opportunities becoming more available.

Both of these stories potentiate our regional potential.   Cleveland does Rock.

I almost passed out...

... When I read this. Not because of the content (which I loved,) but because the tone of the article didn't toe the hyper-cynical, hyper-negative RealNEO party line.

Thank you very much for your post. You gave me a little more hope.



you're not reading me

Just checked my stats - you and others who think realNEO is only hyper-cynical may not be watching enough dance video, nor are you reading my posts. Disagree with MedMart? Question port move, the amount of attention paid to air, soil and water quality issues? Yes. Concerned about building more roads? Yes. Did I think tearing down Breuer was dumb? Yes. Hyper-cynical? Maybe too strong an assessment at least based on not meeting me in person. I guess what I mean is it depends on who/what you read here. It may also have something to do with age. We'll check back in about 20-30 years and see how cynical you are then. Many of the writers here have been around the horn a few times. It does get tiring.

Glad you didn't really pass out.

When I was teaching at CSU, I shared an office with a few other faculty. A colleague had left instructions , "Please pass out Friday." This was originally attached to a stack of papers. Still, after that Friday, it went onto the edge of the bookshelf above the desk. Being a hardworking bunch, we were usually happy to oblige each Friday. It's best to be sitting down or lying down when you pass out though, so be careful. :)

Fair enough

I will follow your posts and hear you out. Hopefully you will change my mind :)