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Our US  politics are really weird.  

 It's all choreographed,  The Secret Service keeps everyone back.  Sort of.   

A literal yellow bus load of world wide "media" pull up on queue - just a few minutes before Mr. Romney and his wife Ann arrive.    Paris Match had a reporter in attendance.   German speaking camera crews were there.  Spanish (as in Spain) too.   Lots of obsolete analogue cameras.   The "media" had - ie were corralled into -  their own barracked pen by the Secret Service.     The SS were still attempting to make a distinction between "The Media" and The Citizen Journalist" and just plain Jane and Joe who have a head and showed up to vote.  

The SS needs a lesson.   The SS , like Mr. Rokakis, are still residual old school folks.  They haven't recognized that there is the web.

Then off they all went!   Motorcycle police going nuts with swervy speedy intersection blocking over-time  fun in the cold spring air- all their blue lights flashing.  

Chevy Tahoes with the Romney's troupe following.  Man, this is like a Dave Matthews concert!

I love the rush....

If you have seen the Stepford Wives

Maybe I mean Stepford Husbands.  

I have no reason to derogate Ms. Romney.  

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Romney photo credit?

Jeff--is this your photo ?:)  Nice backdrop of folks faces.

A & M Romney image

 Yes, Thanks.  

Backdrop faces are in better focus than A&M's.     Besides a  dozen of Ron Paul supporters there was, however, also a planted "Romney cheeiing squad" in the crowd.   After each question Romney answered, the cheering folks would yell out:  "Thank you Governor Romney!"   This response was out of place and contrived.   

Besides planted supporters, Secret Service, media grips and reporters, function facilitators, police, and other employed types, the amount of actual jane and joe public is, maybe, a quarter of the crowd.

With the helicopters overhead, you really couldn't hear too well.  

Very weird...