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I recently found out about this City of Cleveland service--is there an app for it? 

Why not be able to report minor fender bender incidents?  This would greatly free up police officers.  Here are the reporting options:

Select Incident Type Definition Examples
Bicycle Theft Theft of your bicycle with a value less than $500.00. Someone takes your bicycle from your driveway or porch with a total value less than $500.00.
Lost Property When property is missing or lost. Property that is missing, leaving items in restaurant, or missing from home.
Petty Theft Theft of personal property not exceeding $500.00. Theft of a radio, books, DVD's, or other property with a total value less than $500.00.
Property Damage Accidental Your property was damaged accidentally by someone or by something without criminal intent. Damage to your property by accident such as a neighbors dog destroys your fence or other damages to your property that had no criminal intent.
Property Damage Criminal Intent Someone who damages your property in a manner to cause a fiancial loss to you. Someone breaks your windshield of your vehicle or does any type of damage to your personal property with intent to cause a personal finacial loss for you.
Supplemental Report You have additional information regarding an incident you already reported to an officer and not originally reported through online reporting. You want to complete intial property loss supplemental or add additional property loss to a report an officer who already took your initial report and provided you with a case number.
Theft Theft of personal property exceeding $500.00. Theft of a radio, books, DVD's, or other property with a total value more than $500.00.
Theft From Vehicle The theft of your personal property taken from your vehicle. Someone takes your jacket, watch, CD's or other property from your vehicle.
Theft of a Credit Card Theft of your credit card with no attempts to use it. Someone takes your purse or wallet which contained a credit card. To your knowledge they have not used the credit card.

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Wonder of wonders

  Oh, btw, our leaders have emerged from the proclaims the Plain Dealer!!!

We don't really need wi fi

We don't really need wi fi do we?  Unless it is going to provide millions of jobs.  Otherwise it is just another waste of money, in my opinion, since people can get computer access from the library or pay to have it if they need it.  There are so many other things that people need that are more basic needs, such as homes, food, lower priced utilities, clean water, garbage pickup, etc.

Libraries provide wifi

 I don't think Councilman Kelley realizes it...

One more reason why I think

One more reason why I think there needs to be a business district that is distinct from the residential area.  This way the needs of business won't conflict with the needs of residents. 

Cave men with WiFi

How about putting that money towards the installation of wifi in our CMSD schools?!!!

What?  Invest in the

What?  Invest in the CMSD?  That would mean they would have to care about the conditions in the city schools.  We can't have that now, can we?  The children don't donate any money to political campaigns and most of them are too young to vote.  So why would our leaders care about their needs.