Rob Curry is back in circulation

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WOW! THAT didn't take long did it? Sound the alarm. CHN Crime Partners New Generation of Leadership HAS ARRIVED. No girls or black folks need apply for the "new generation of staff leadership" at CHNCP.  It's already been filled.  With a WHITE GUY! IN 2018 THAT'S WHAT PASSES AS TRUE LEADERSHIP AND VISION in the Cleveland "non" profit mafia. On September 21, 2018 Rob Curry announced he "planned to step down"....on JUNE 30, 2019. Come on now let's get REAL. NO ONE gives 9 months notice. Rob reached an "agreement" to write his own obit at CHNCP for a payoff of $120,000. Rob won't be punching in for too many more Mondays.  He's been replaced. Just like that. One short week, 7 days, 168 hours later the global search for that new generation of CHNCP leadership is over. On September 28, 2018 Michael Griffin, another WHITE GUY and Chairman of the CHNCP Board, announced the unanimous decision to crown Kevin Nowak, attorney-at-law, as ED. But don't look for Rob, 63 years young, to be decked out in a festive Santa suit at Walmart as a 90 day seasonal hire. Rob has been given ample time to find his exciting new career.  Pretending to be training his replacement, who is sitting in his former office at CHNCP, from his living room in Cleveland Heights, he will be searching the want ads for an elusive new position "working fulltime in the community development field for the foreseeable future---in the public, private, philathropic or nonprofit sector." He will also expect to be paid his hefty CHNCP salary of $175,000.  And as he reaches out to his lucky new employer, to be named later, who is looking for an OLD WHITE GUY to add to the team, he won't have to put "unemployed" on his resume. At least not for another 9 months. 

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Why was Rob Curry shown the door?

So what WAS it exactly. Was it the massive mortgage write offs masquerading as paid off loans with our tax dollars funneled through CDBG slush funds, the inapprorpriate use of HUD funds, on worthless East side properties that are worth LESS every day thanks to the "comprehensive neighborhood strategies of CHN Crime Partners, was it the fact that 78.2786 % of the new "owners" of CHNCP homes obtained though the Nobel prize winning Lease "purchase" program are delinquent on their property taxes, was it the constant evictions and board ups crippling CHNCP's bottom line, was it the Federal investigations into their nefarious operations, was it their "partnership" with the fraudulently property tax exempt Emerald Development Crime Syndicate? Or was it that the election in 2016 didn't turn out as he had planned. As EVERYONE in the "non" profit game had confidently planned with Hitliary keeping the federal funds gushing with no questions asked and zero accountability? It's a new ballgame. And Rob Curry struck out. 

CHN Sacred Cow - media will not cover this story

  The tentacles of Cleveland Housing Network, rebranded Cleveland Housing Partners - go back to rise of CDCs in the late 80s.


 The organization was founded with good intentions, now gone bad.  No one will touch this sacred cow, because so many people have profited from the lie of social welfare.  As we go into the winter season and struggling families with utility bills turn to HEAP- CHN holds the monopoly on this federal program, too.  It is disgusting. 


OH Cleveland, OH ESG Point of Contact

Joy Anderson


Department of Community Development

601 Lakeside Avenue East, Room 320

Cleveland, OH 44114


janderson2 [at] city [dot] cleveland [dot] oh [dot] us