Interview With Drew Carey Discussing "Reason Saves Cleveland"

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Thu, 05/27/2010 - 19:32.

Drew Carey visits Cleveland with his ideas on improving the city

Drew Carey was in Cleveland today to discuss his series of documentaries "Reason Saves Cleveland" with Cleveland City Council - this is an interview he conducted with, offering some of his personal perspectives on the economic situation here and his efforts to improve conditions here. Additional coverage of his interesting libertarian perspectives is found at here... I can't say I agree with all that I have seen of these documentaries but I do intend to explore Carey's overall vision and his willingness to follow-through further.

I'll be in the LA area soon and will see if Carey will sit down for a realNEO interview - he is a fascinating Clevelander... see Part one of his documentary below:


business friendly

I noticed that one of Carey's suggestions was to be more business friendly.

right on target


The Political Gangster

            I think Icearth gave some of the best suggestions, but will anyone listen HUM!! let's hope so because the answers are already here.

Stir the dialogue

I saw the first of the five Drew Carey presentations. While his heart may be in the the right place, he could stand to learn some additional Cleveland history. His approach of "boy mayor" Dennis Kucinich is a turn off to anyone who took the time to learn a detailed history of Cleveland's demise. While Kucinich certainly had problems, he learned from the experience and eventually became a Congressman. Kucinich is very good at "retail" politics, closely serving his constituancy. This is something the Carey could stand to learn about as well as that  Kuchinch's predecessor, Ralph J. Perk was the mayor who caught his hair on fire, a photo of which was published in newspapers around the world. Perk slicked the skids for Cleveland. A Cleveland Magazine article from the early 1970s described in detail about how the city was slipping under Perk.

Regardless of what he knows or doesn't know Drew Carey must be given credit for returning to his home town and stiring the dialogue.


Commercial tax rates

  A woman business owner in my neighborhood recently told me that the commercial real estate tax rates in Cleveland are eating her alive. 

If she can sell, she will most likely move her business--a business that employs several woman who speak Spanish and who help to serve the neigbhorhood-- to a suburban location.

Get Rid Of Red Tape

Thanks for posting the video on realneo - Drew Carey has guts to come back to Cleveland and look City Council in the eye with a reflection of what does not work.  But he goes to the positive and has some good ideas for implementation.  The carwash business should get their sign up from the public awareness of city of Cleveland red tape.  Business owners who have invested all the time, money and energy into development of companies in Cleveland should not have to go outside the ward for help with economic development and bringing jobs to distressed areas of Cleveland. 

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