Time to Take Down the Ivy League Boys Behind the Corruption in Ohio, Starting With X-Commissioner Peter Lawson Jones

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Fri, 09/17/2010 - 06:00.

Part I: County commissioners Jones and Hagan talk about Dimora

Seeing Commissioner Lawson Jones on stage on his Cuyahoga commissioners' pulpit, claiming "I am not a crook", with his co-moron-in-office Tim Hagan, makes me physically ill. I shared valuable intellectual property and spent significant time trying to improve this community for such scum, believing they were honest and caring for citizens. Now I look forward to seeing Jones, his cronies and their families suffer the full consequences of their actions. As one contribution to cleaning house here in Northeast Ohio, I intend to lead a recall drive against Commissioner Jones' political protégé, Gary Norton, who was made Mayor of East Cleveland under illegal circumstances.

Commissioners Jones and Hagan talk about Dimora.

If these people are not corrupt, they are brain damaged. In any case, they need to be removed from all positions of authority over citizens, forever.

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i remember seeing the photo

i remember seeing the photo of Norton and his new staff(?) and thinking - wHAt.... they couldn't find oNE woman to stand in that photo???



that in itself should tell you something.

That is Norton's all-powerful Fraternity

That is Norton's all-powerful Fraternity - he credits them with his sucess, which tells you where to start investigating.

Frat boys at play - what a loser place this is. As I recall, at Tulane Frats existed to help upperclassmen cheat and losers get drunk and screw.

While I was a Tulane, a bunch of Frat boys there got Hot Rod Williams to cheat and throw games, getting Hot Rod expelled and shutting down basketball at Tulane for 10 years - as Hot Rod became a noble Cavalier. Good old Cleveland... we love scum.

The real crooks were the white business school Frat Boys getting drunk and screwing people in College... just like Dan Gilbert.

Of course, big daddy Peter Lawson Jones is a Harvard man... just like my day... and Senator Brown's brother, and Obama

Of course, Sherrod Brown is a la Skull and Crossbones... "At Yale, he was in Davenport College, the same residential college as U.S. Presidents George H. W. and George W. Bush."

And all these Ivy League boys really do love their cults... my dad included... and their cults help members in life beyond measure, up to the White House and from there, making the Ivy League crooks especially elusive to the FBI.

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Evelyn Kiefer Roulet for Mayor of East Cleveland

I told Evelyn I am planning a recall campaign to remove Norton from office and she asked who in East CLeveland would be a good replacement. I said I don't care - I just want all the crooks out. Evelyn offered to run for Mayor here.

She would be excellent - and knows the problems here and with our dishonest and unprofessional mayor first-hand.

So the Roulets are going into local politics after all - Evelyn Kiefer Roulet for Mayor of East Cleveland.

First to get Norton thrown out of office, and worse.

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