Rockefeller Greenhouse poinsettia display: only a few days left to see it!

Submitted by Evelyn Kiefer on Sat, 12/31/2005 - 01:22.

In late November the Rockefeller Greenhouse turned into a sea of poinsettias, so colorful, so beautiful, it's almost beyond belief! I would n't try to count them but I would guess that there are close to 1,000 poinsettias of various sizes placed among the cacti and tropical plants that live in the greenhouse year-round.


Many people don't realize how many varieties of poinsettia there are. I am not sure how many varieties are represented here, but the selections seem to be limited to red, pink and white -- the colors and variations that can be cultivated rather than painted. You will notice many shades of red, pink and white, different sizes of leaves, some varigated leaves and even some ruffled and curled leaves.

 This one looks like its dotted with snowflakes or made of peppermint!

 Check out the ruffled edges of the leaves and the red in with the green!

 Decorations are minimal and natural at the Rockefeller Greenhouse. Here the holidays are all about experiencing the beauty of cultivated plants. There are some cut evergreen branches arranged among the poinsettias and a few Norfolk pines are decorated with dried  flowers.  A  Chirstmas tree and topiary  deer decorate one room .

The Rockefeller Greenhouse does n't take an overly didactic role in presenting plants to visitors. There are only a few signs and labels in the greenhouse and none among the poinsettias. It is an inspiring place, a warm, steamy tropical oasis in the middle of a Cleveland winter - a place that seems bright and sunny even on a cloudy day.

 The plants that inhabit the greenhouse during the rest of the year are largely still in place, but the orchids and bromeliads are the only plants to rival the color and beauty of the poinsettias this time of year. Everytime I have been to Rockefeller Greenhouse there is at least one photographer in the orchid and bromeliad room. The impressive century  plant and the other long-lived members of the suculent garden seem even more interesting when contrasted with the colorful poinsettias, which often last only one holiday season.



Rockefeller Greenhouse is free and open to the public daily from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. with the exception of Christmas Day and New Years Day. There are no  guides or theaters with high tech videos at Rockefeller Greenhouse, not even a pamphlet could be found. Nothing is for sale -- there is no gift shop, no cafe, but there are picnic tables and benches inside and out if you want to bring a lunch or just sit down and reflect, -- the Greenhouse simply exhists to bring the beauty of plants to to all visitors. The poinsettias will be on display until January 6th.


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The Greenhouse is one of

 The Greenhouse is one of the unmentioned treasures of Cleveland.  My aunt and uncle got married among the poinsettias back in 1988 on New Year's Eve.  It's really a beautiful sight.  Thanks for posting this, Evelyn!

 The greenhouse has a site as well. It can be found at:

Derek Arnold

Hidden treasures

So right about the Rockefeller Greenhouse - how cool. I went there for a free jazz concert last Summer - first time ever visiting - and I was amazed.