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Around 6:00 p.m. this evening two people were injured when an East bound RTA bus attempting to get through the crowded intersection of Jefferson and Professor Avenues struck a vehicle in the West bound lane.  Police and EMS were on the scene and the two victims were transported to a local hospital.  The extent of their injuries are unknown at this time.

Many Tremont residents have been complaining for some time that the parking situation near the crowded  intersections continue to create  hazardous and dangerous conditions for both motorists and pedestrians.  Especially children and those who suffer handicap disabilities.

In recent weeks, suggestions have been made to stop any and all parking close to these congested intersections to provide clear and maneuverable turning and passing lanes for  busses and other vehicles.  With the parking and valet cones taking up much of the space, many motorists find traveling Professor/Jefferson and Professor/Literary nothing short of an obstacle course.






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Thanks ladies.  I don't

Thanks ladies.  I don't know if I did it right or not but......I tried.

this intersection has become a hazard because of limited sight

 I frequently drive this intersection (the library is right there).

this intersection has become a hazard because of limited sight due to cars parked up to the corners.

This is also the location of TWDC offices. Can the writing on the wall be any more clear?

clear the streets, the runners are coming through

P.S. If your driveway or street is temporarily blocked for a couple hours, please be gracious and patient and try to look on the bright side of welcoming thousands of visitors to our neighborhood. 

Tremont friends---

In case you haven't heard the news already....
The Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon 
is coming to Duck Island and Tremont! On Sunday, May 16, between 7am and 9am, between 8,500 to 10,000 runners plus fans and volunteers will be out and about experiencing first hand what welcoming and energetic neighborhoods we have in Duck Island and Tremont. We welcome residents, business owners, churches and civic institutions to be actively involved in the event. 

   Our Cleveland Ward 3 Councilman, Joe Cimperman, has been a leader in working with the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon and Community Development staff from several neighborhoods as well as neighborhood volunteers to make race day exciting and fun. Councilman Cimperman and Tremont West staff have a great desire to see people out cheering on the runners, volunteering at the two water stands in our neighborhood, providing entertainment and music, etc the morning of the race.

   The Neighborhood route is:
· Lorain to West 20th Street
· West 20th Street to Abbey
· Abbey to West 11th Street
· West 11th Street to Starkweather
· Starkweather to Scranton
· Scranton to Barber
· Barber to West 25th Street and on to Ohio City

   We hope you'll come out to cheer on the runners along the entire route through Duck Island and Tremont.  Particular areas of activity along the route include West 20th and Abbey (water station), West 11th and Fairfield (coffee, brunch, music), West 11th  between Kenilworth and Starkweather - Lincoln Park area (coffee, brunch, cheering squad, gospel choirs), Starkweather and West 14th (banners and music), and Scranton and Starkweather (water station).

   To get involved in Duck Island and Tremont, contact Scott Rosenstein at Tremont West - 216.575.0920 - 

good photo

Jerleen, it is great that we have you there and that you are handy with a camera.

Deep pocket collisions

Would it ever be the case that the RTA attracts collisions for collection?  Wouldn't be the first time.  This is pure speculation.  But something that should be considered.

I wasn't right on hand.  My

I wasn't right on hand.  My sister came home and told me about the accident and since it was just around the corner I went up.  By the time I got there the ambulance was ready to leave and the car was pulled over to the curb.  


Anything is possible but I

Anything is possible but I just can't see anybody in their right mind, especially a mom/grandmother with her young son and granddaughter in a small car, taking on a big RTA BUS.  The odds are just not in one's favor. 

Jeff, that was either rude or ignorant - I'm not sure which...

 maybe both?

It also smacks of an elitist, classist attitude that  is utterly laughable when you consider the recent international financial crimes, but let's not go there.....

Tremont has become an unmanageable mess in terms of its main streets - this intersection being among the worst. Instead of our "leaders" taking appropriate steps to ameliorate the situation, they have been busy making it worse. 

For residents of Tremont, that means Professor is unnavigable most evenings. Despite repeated outcry, neither our "leaders" nor our 2nd district police do anything but give lip service.

They are the "business owners'" bitches.