We Need Leaders Like AngelnWard14! Cleveland needs a new Mayor. Would you consider that position?

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Fri, 09/17/2010 - 11:03.
Dianna Lynn Hill AngelnWard14

As we watch the political and economic machine that destroyed Northeast Ohio finally implode from putridness, it is critical that valid, authentic, uncorrupted, independent citizens step forward as new leaders for the future of this region. It is clear to me one such leader is AngelnWard14 - Dianna Lynn Hill - as it is clear to the realNEO reader who sent the following message to contact [at] realneo [dot] us a few minutes ago...

As a registered voter and advocate for justice, I feel the need to thank
Dianna Lynn Hill for her dedication to all citizens in our city.  Thank you
for giving people a chance to voice opinions, facts and concerns.

Angel - I'm sure all Democrats wish they had voted for you now.

Cleveland needs a new Mayor. Would you consider that position?

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Angel, if you are wondering who is your new fan here

Angel, if you are wondering who is your new fan here, she authorized me to let you know it is Marva Patterson. I have her email address, if you are assembling a fan club... or campaign team...!

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I second that motion....

Angel as Mayor of Cleveland - Evelyn Mayor of East Cleveland

Angel as Mayor of Cleveland - Evelyn Mayor of East Cleveland - two vibrant, responsible, intelligent, independent, accomplished, worldly young women replacing two stagnant, entangled, underperforming and seemingly corrupt career political machine insider men...

How wonderful would that be for this region?!?!

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County Executive race Dianna Hill

I can't speak for Dianna--but I will say this--folks should take notice that she garnered close to 14,000 votes--more than Voinovich--in her inaugural political campaign.

Dianna Hill didn't rent out the side of buses and she doesn't have deep family pockets, but her message of hope and neighbors supporting neighbors obviously reasonated with voters. 

The only candidate who picked up on her energy and showed up in person to congratulate her for her efforts?...

Don Scipione.


Dianna Lynn Hill for Mayor of Cleveland...exciting.... we'll need to start working on that campaign now...

We'll need lots of signatures, campaign delegates & volunteers, and tons of help to offset the huge campaign funds of our historical leaders...We'll need to get the citizens actively engaged and invite them into the public arenas. We'll need to fight the "DEMOCRATIC MACHINE" that works to sustain it's viability in our community at large despite it's infinite spiderweb of collusive connections of hands washing each other's backs in politics. We'll need to get the "frustrated" citizens inspired to partake in voting consistently too. Their voice counts. We'll need to invite them to the forums and allow them to speak openly about the disenfranchising actions of historical leaders while offering the opportunity for them to be held accountable!


Thank you immensely....but remember that we all have a voice that unyieldingly deserves to be heard...indiscriminately, equitably, and without fear of rebuke from the leadership.... United we stand to conquer the issues, one by one....

Perhaps now that the truth is setting us free from the regimes of corruption that have devoured the American Spirit of so many of our citizens for so long....we can exert our independence in a united fashion from the collusive practices that have violated our rights in uncountable ways.

Every citizen and family has rights to achieve their American Dreams without being abused, treated unfairly, and taken advantage of because of their income, education, or status levels in life.

There are many more "leaders" in our community who have fought the good battle against the regimes and "lost"...

Yet, today it's time to revitalize that ALL AMERICAN PRIDE and DIGNITY that comes with doing what is right for the people.

It's time to remind those who lay judgment because others don't wear suave clothes, drive status symbol cars, or surround themselves with superficial people-exactly whose job it is to lay judgment on our lives-'GOD'! 

I met so many absolutely dedicated people in the course of this campaign. I met "DO GOODERS", I met citizen activists, I met citizen advocates, I met community organizers, I met everyday, ordinary folks who are flaming mad about politics as usual in our world. I met parents, children, administrators, educators, workers, unemployed, addicts, homeless, formerly incarcerated, mentally ill and struggling families. Collectively, they all have one thing in common...."ATTITUDE" that the government is "CORRUPT".

It's time to CHANGE that PERSPECTIVE by finally making it all transparent and accountable by expecting our citizens at large to unite and challenge their decisions which are adverse and totally illegal against our people... They (wrongdoers) need to be held liable and accountable for their actions as public officials and we the people deserve equality in all government practices. We deserve dignity, respect, and consideration for the past wrongs to our lives from years of corrupt practices that have violated our lives.

I took many gut shots during my campaign that were truly humorous to me...the snub noses of haughty public officials, the unforgettable reactions to my choices to campaign in areas where YOU THE VOTERS ARE KNOWN NOT TO ACTUALLY VOTE, and my choices to care about people who have become complacent about caring about the world around them was also questioned. Yet, I truly believe in their rights being protected.

I worked to exploit the classic issues that have devoured our community at large including this "ATTITUDE" which permeates our community that snubs the "SMALL" people as worthless, and to speak about the "ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM" of corruption that has decimated the attitude of our citizens, business investors, and permeated the public servants across our county for generations.

These acts of corruption have become a way of life that was "accepted" by the leadership, the workers, and the people for way too long.

I pray that our united people exert their independence, rejuvenate their American Spirit, and uphold democracy so that the voices of the 84% of the people who DID  not vote begin to be heard again. They deserve to have faith and trust in their public officials and government.

You may all pull petitions, get signatures of registered voters, and start the process of becoming elected officials in our community at large. You may all reignite your passions to defend democracy. You may all hold your public officials and public servants responsible.

And you may all begin to breath a little easier knowing that the REALNEO members are here to help eachother through the issues that have violated our citizens collectively. Our voices will carry the beating drum of democracy through all the halls of social injustice demanding that our rights be protected.

May God Bless The USA! 


Get ready for Mike White and Jeff Johnson

Get ready for Mike White and Jeff Johnson - they seem to be the "leaders" of our community the Plan Dealer is preparing citizens to accept next (again) as next Mayor of Cleveland.

Of course, can't forget about top local political sell-out loser Terri Hamilton Brown, who MUST BE GIVEN A NEW JOB, by her fucking establishment... GOTTA BUILD FREEWAYS.

So you will be running against the most powerful corrupt, sell-out political scumbags in our lifetime here... a mayor who never retired but just moved behind the curtain in employment with King Dick Jacobs et al... and his protege felon scumbag councilman who moronic Clevelanders made councilman again, after he got out of jail for being one of the most corrupt politicians in our history (with the blessings of Roldo!).... and you'll be running against a lifetime political sell-out who is enriched by the establishment for being one of the communiy's greatest losers in history.

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Thank you EVERYONE!

Thank you to all of the citizens of Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

Thank you for praying that the corruption would end,

Thank you for hoping that others would step up to lead,

Thank you for wishing that change would come,

Thank you for inspiring people to care,  

Thank you for motivating others to participate,  

Thank you for inviting each other to public events,

Thank you for encouraging one another to speak out,

Thank you for believing in the future,

Thank you for caring about others who have given up, 

Thank you for thinking about the impact of your voice, 

Thank you for loving thy neighbors unconditionally, 

Thank you for taking the time to make a difference.

Thank you for providing evidence to the Investigators,

Thank you for bringing transparency to the deeds,

Thank you for remaining steadfast against crime,

Thank you for keeping it real here in our community,

Thank you for taking actions towards change,

Thank you for not giving up against the odds,

Thank you for having faith in yourselves,

Thank you for having the confidence to take action,

Thank you for all that you do independently & collectively to make our world a better place...

I salute the citizens of our community at large for your committment to upholding the laws of our great nation and for challenging the corrupt to think twice before violating our citizens again! 

May God Bless! 




United We Stand




He has the support of about 10 citizens and 100s of inductrialists - it should not be hard to get his fat lazy ass out of City Hall. Which means we need a replacement.

I'll lead the recall against my shitty sell-out coal-snorting mayor Norton and your shitty sell-out steel-sucking mayor Jackson too, if necessary. I consider Jackson and Norton murderers and will be glad to take that message to very man women and child in the region UNTIL THEY ARE GONE FROM LEADERSHIP HERE FOREVER!


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I love your motives REALNEO...


1) Corruption

2) Pollution

3) (White Collar) Criminal Activity


Keep up that energy....

INVITE ALL CITIZENS INTO THE REAL NEO DELEGATION so that their voices can be heard loud and clear!!!! 



I'll take realNEO further with a politician recall system

I'll take realNEO further with a politician recall system - I'm in the process of partnering with global IT innovation leaders and will take charge of developing a global system for removing incompetent politiicians from office, wherever and whomever they are... starting with the human garbage running NEO

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Starting with a Corruption Matrix

Starting with a Corruption Matrix, we shall identify all the scum enabling corrupt political leadership here. That just requires network mapping political donations and affiliations of industry employees, foundation and other scumbag private interests to politicians and their interests - like mapping the evil folks at Cliffs who donate money to coal burning families like of Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio.

I'm already mapping the coal industry and their political contributions and charity... focusing on an AEP coal plant being built and planned to fuck the world and Ohioans from Big BillyBoy Clinton's home town of Hope, Arkansas. Adding the impact of those scum up here is not a problem.

Politicians who sell out to interests like coal must be exposed in the light of the day - they kill millions.

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