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The Old South Side Community Coalition is now up and hard at work in the Tremont Community.  We met at the Jefferson Branch Library last night for our first public meeting after ten of us got together and decided that the present community organization did not have our best interest at heart.

I was in awe to see so many long-time residents (38) show up for the first meeting and speak out after believing that they have been ignored for so long.  The lines of communication are now open and it is the intent of this new coalition not only to listen to citizen's concerns but to actually hear them. 

It is without a doubt going to take time to get the wheels of this group turning smoothly but we have a lot of support and so many have called and/or e-mailed with offers of assistance. 

Good news travels fast and many are already asking what is on the agenda for the next meeting. 

Debra, you did a splendid job with the video camera and I received many compliments on your comments.  I have had several offers today to help out with the "Good Neighbor Daze" program.  We have the possibility of having someone who has offered his time to mow lawns for the elderly and handicapped in the area twice a month.  We have offers already in helping with the food drive for St. Augustine's church, and also donations of food for the fund raiser being held for the victims of the fire on Jefferson last night. 

The founder's of this coalition believe this is a new beginning in Tremont and that the long-time residential homeowners and renters will no longer be pushed aside or ignored.  In contacting the ACLU and requesting information to be provided to the residents they will have a better understanding of what their Civil Rights.

Again, thanks Debra for all your help; and Laura we would certaintly like to see you there next time also bring along anyone that you think might be in need of assistance or support with neighborhood concerns. 

I will post next month's agenda on Realneo as soon as it is complete and the next meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 20, 2009, 6:30pm, at the Jefferson Branch Library, 850 Jefferson Avenue.  All resident homeowners and renters are welcome.





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Good neighbor DAZE

  I was heartened to see some of my younger (sometimes troublesome) neighbors helping to bushwhack and clear overgrown hedges for an elderly neighbor on the street.  The same guys also plow and shovel walks for folks.   I don't always agree with their taste in music and their taste in friends, but I have to hand it to them.  They are there, when the going gets tough.