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The Cleveland Scene this week offers some antidote to the noxious coverage of the Pee Dee on Cuyahoga County reform. Issue 6 ain’t the joy ride into the sunset that the paper would like us to believe.


Issue 6 may be a sunset on real reform.


The Scene’s cover really tells it all: A photo of a menacing hand gun pointed at you. The title: “Give Us Your County and No One Gets Hurt – The story behind the Issue 6 power grab.” Couldn’t say it better.


The article by Damian Guevara (I’m becoming a fan) gives us, if not more facts than the Pee Dee has produced, a better slant on the power issues so crucial to the essence of the new County government Issue 6 would bring to us. You can find it here:


Veteran reporter Anastasia Pantsios writes a piece that debunks the idea the Pee Dee has tried to sell that Issue 6 offers essentially the same kind of reform that Summit County adopted. The title tells it: “Issue 6’s Bait & Switch – Summit County: different process, different result.” Her piece can be found here:


Both reporters note the influence of corporate interests in the design and execution of the Issue 6 ballot choice facing voters next Tuesday.


If you want to give the Parma gang – headed by county prosecutor Bill Mason – power over the County vote yes on Issue 6.


If you want to wait for a better deal on county reform, vote NO on Issue 6.






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