School rebuilding scam

Submitted by mabeldog on Sat, 05/26/2012 - 14:10.

Willson (elementary) School on Ansel Road was built in a totally empty ghetto neighborhood. The school district said it was built "where more students needed it", than in its previous location on East 55th. The district bought 60 parcels of land and when the school was completed it could accomodate 587 students. Since there were few students in this area and another BRAND NEW school had been built ONE MILE away, the school district moved quickly to drag all the hearing impaired students from AG Bell, which was swiftly closed, near Shaker Square, a pleasant neighborhood with a great walkability score to a bombed out ghetto in order to justify this amazing waste of money. The school has an enrollment of 385, with a large percentage of hearing impaired students bussed from across the city. On the most recent Ohio Education Scorecard Willson Elementary failed to meet a SINGLE requirement scoring a big fat ZERO and is now in Academic Emergency.

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School DEMOS

Half empty buildings on the east side and over crowded schools on the west side--tearing down John Marshall High School.  Does any of this make $en$e??

Of course, not.

Only to the sick contractors who make out on the rigged construction and demo contracts...

And, for all the drama and hype in Columbus on "changing" the schools plan, yet again--folks should know that charters NEED public schools for their "model" to work--without public schools, charters would not have a place to DUMP the low scoring students right before state testing. 

Don't believe me? Ask the PD or any media outlet to track students.  See charter schools accept the students in the fall to collect their state funding and see the kids magically drop off the rolls before testing only to pull down the scores at public schools.  It's the story that no one wants to tell.