Secondary Party Affiliations - Democrats Losing Their Way?

Submitted by getoutandvote on Wed, 09/16/2009 - 09:26.

In Ward 14, both candidates who emerged from the primaries seem to have strong 2nd party affiliations.  While both are registered Democrats, has their 2nd party affiliations helped them get out of the mire of the current corruption sweeping local democratic politics?  Will their affiliations help or hurt?  Does it make them more "independent?"  Are 3rd parties ever again going to be able to gain more traction in the political system?  Anyone else find this interesting?

I vote for the person and

I vote for the person and what he or she has to offer to the job.  I don't vote on party line unless I think that the person who is running for the office is a candidate that will always vote along party lines.  Otherwise, I vote for the person, not the party.

Socialist as Democrats

 Both Cummins & Nagin are socialist running as Democrats. The Green Party that Cummins is a member of is running candidates all over the country. Always follow the money.

Third party affiliation

  I think you raise a very important point--I think both of the remaining candidates in Ward 14 benefit from their third party affiliation, although neither one explicitly mentions the affiliation. 

In addition to appeasing their special interest support ("labor" and "green"), both candidates have to wade through the arcane,treacherous democratic precinct committee person process and fundraiser network that to a large extent controls the cards here in NEO. 

It has to be exhausting to serve and cater to so many mistresses :)


Yep!  I agree that it has

Yep!  I agree that it has to be exhausting.  I wouldn't want to do it.  I respect anyone who is willing to take on that task. 

Any third party affiliation

Any third party affiliation will affect different people differently.

If you share the core ideals of the affiliation it typically attracts you, if you discount the affiliation then it typically repels you.

Since society generally puts negative connotation on communism it is not much of a benefit to be affiliated with that party.

Looking beyond an affiliation to many is much the same as asking them to ignore it.


Asking people to look at the affiliations more closely, as to what that group and its ideals are all about. People typically do not move too far too fast with respects to that.

I do not see either of these candidates subscribing to any hard lines that are defined within those third party affiliation they claim.

In a blue collar working class area the green affiliation is not of that much value, the communist affiliation will not be of any value at all.

Give consideration to the candidate that is not very likely to win, some may say sarcastically that they are not a communist sympathizers. How do you know if you like communism…have you ever even tried it?

Does manipulative logic apply to irrational scenarios? I do not think so.

I thought that the communist

I thought that the communist party was pro labor? 

What do you mean by irrational scenarios?  I don't understand that phrase?  Please expain.

one big labor


Communism is not one dimensional, it lacks particularly in civil liberties. Typically labor is organized under the states control. Collective bargaining for your rights within a systems that limits your rights.   


It’s one big labor union, everybody works for the state, I would not confuse that with; ‘we all just need to work together.’

It’s not that the candidate is promoting that, he just contributes to a publication that is formed around those ideals.

If you have political aspiration then having communist affiliations in this country is not going to help you. A hard core communist will sell you; the we all just need to work together, but they get to be in control, total control. The right to organize your labor and then I will tell you how to do it and what you can do.

If all of us were in a communist country we would all be in jail, that or running things. It is a two class system that motivate very few in practice, it conjure great interest in theory all working together and all being equal.

The guy on the block club that makes it all the way to the white house will change, or may change.

Its not a good idea to have him with unlimited authority and control, unless he is a saint and then only if he stays a saint.

The fact that he has this affiliation is not relative because his role is not consequential enough for it to be. That does not make that affiliation acceptable to many either way.

Oengus, Thank you for the


Thank you for the explanation.  Good thing we are not in a communist country.  I would probably be in jail.  Could it be that someone could take only the good elements of the communist theory and apply them to a neighborhood that needs so much help?  This neighborhood needs new sidewalks on a main street and basic clean up of the area.  How about police response to crime?  How about stopping foreclosures and helping people who have lost jobs find a way to keep their homes?  The public schools are horrid. This neighborhood has been neglected for a long time and it shows.  Many people who have the means leave and never look back.  The current system has failed too many residents in this area.  Why not try someone who has an affiliation for another way of thinking?

I do not know,It's all

I do not know,

maybe community police, block watches, clean up programs.  

its a rough area it always has been...






Brian Cummins & getoutthevote

Hmm, Cummins put out a piece today that sounds like it was written by getoutthevote. Obviously a desperate attempt to use dirty politics to sway voters. New-flash: he points out Nagins' connection with the Communist Party (everyone knows this Brian) and his work with the labor movement as a bad thing, using CAPITAL letters for EFFECT. Cummins doesn't come clean with his own SOCIALIST ties, and with his list of the same old tired political endorsements that brought failure to our city in the past, you can bet we'll see more of the same old tired dirty politics. I don't think people are going to fall for it.

Brian Cummins has an identity crisis

 Is he going to come out about his own claim to the Marxist Green Party? I don't have a problem with it but he must since he is dissing Nagin. if Brian is truly a member of the GP, he shouldn't be repeating the red-baiting stuff of four years ago. I remember that.  Read more

cummins can be funny

 His father was the publisher of the Cleveland Union Leader. Maybe the identiy crisis has deep roots.

The CLEVELAND UNION LEADER arose amid the labor disputes of the 1930s to provide a voice for industrial union organiztion. It was launched on Labor Day, 3 Sept. 1937, not long after the birth of the Congress of Industrial Organizations, which supported the weekly newspaper through its local affiliate, the CLEVELAND INDUSTRIAL UNION COUNCIL. Disclaiming any intention of competing with the AFL-oriented CLEVELAND CITIZEN, the Union Leader concentrated on the allegedly anti-labor bias of Cleveland's daily press, particularly the PLAIN DEALER. Originally edited by Ted Cox, the Cleveland Union Leader eventually fell under the direction of business manager John F. Cummins, who became publisher. From its original 4 full-sized pages, it was later converted into an 8-page tabloid. It was aggressively anti-Communist in the period following World War II. Emulating the reconciliation of the AFL and CIO in 1955, the Union Leader was merged into the Cleveland Citizen on 1 May 1959.