Sleeping Populace

Submitted by marlene on Sat, 01/23/2010 - 15:03.

Hi...I just joined this group.  I'm at work.  It's Saturday.  Not too many people in the store right now.  I sell and install stuff for vehicles.  We lift and lower them, add exhausts, chips, air intakes, steps, lids, shells, wheels, tires, etc.  When my mind is not occupied on this it switches to the big question which can never be answered.  Why are some people awake to what is happening in our world, and some asleep?  When I try to nudge someone with some startling piece of information it's as if they are drugged!  It seems there is no in-between!  If someone does seem to be listening and they take the information I give them, the next time I see them they act like it never happened!  Only on person responded at all.  He came back, handed me the info and said "There are some things you shouldn't know about.  Just so you know, that web site is being monitored."   He is a customer who works for FEMA.   

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Welcome marlene

Welcome to realneo, Marlene.

good question.  no answer....:)

Hi Marlene!

Welcome to REALNEO.  We need you here. It's good to have some perspective from the west coast.  You are not alone in your sentiment.  I often feel that I am surrounded by people wearing blinders.  Keep us informed about the vibe going on in California.  We are definitely living in crazy times, but we are all on the same ship.  Regards, Laura.

Please don't shake us with any TAPS spam...

But I think I can feel it coming, like an earthquake - no, mudslide -  from Paso Robles, California...FEMA?  at work?