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Submitted by Eternity on Sat, 05/16/2009 - 11:39.

Wow it is not a dash board

Wow it is not a dash board it’s a report and in order for people to see what they are doing and the relationship they have in and as part of a society.

Stop insulting people, stop!

What is the worst and why? How to track it and not with biased samplings. Real-time activity.

It cannot be grass rooted, it has to be through federal mandate, and if they do not get the banks separated there will be more problems as the assets and values are for the most part contrived.

All the conflicting interests and special interests separated and broken up. All the supply today is adequate and demand is relentless and constant, stop fucking with us, improve the efficiency.

We get a report cards and so should all aspect of society, business and government as well. That’s about a complete disclosure. It about real number that are open for all to see.

Think about it why do we have JD Powers? The cost of repairs, all costs associated are the sum of costs of all owners and the duration etc. Stop telling people what to think.

Only the banking industry has that ability, it has the ability through its electronic networks. It must be separated from the other aspect and linked to other data sets. That is the only place the report is going to come from a much more detailed and elaborate statement, that includes consumption that is categorized and rated.

It should report this is how much it cost to educate your child, and provide you and your child health care. This is how much you contributed to that. This is what you earn, this is what percentage you pay on housing and transportation, fuel and repairs. This is you education and educational record, this is your employment record and set of recorded skill sets. This is you health record…..this is how much you contribute to retirement.

Technology is not about facy and tweetie pages, it about data and complex equations and functions and how to record them and regulate and predict them, to maintain and seek out optimization across a wide range of levels and functional levels.

Mr. Gietner separate the electronic transferring from lending investing and insurances.

Separate the government programs from employers attach them to the people they serve. Have them pay us the money and then make us buy the services we have to have. The insurances and the pensions.

Regulate and monitor all of it.